Shiyan City Market Supervision Bureau successfully mediated a dispute over the design patent of”fruit packing box”
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   Mr. Li from the Huaxi Farmers Market in Shiyan City, because the design of the fruit packaging box of his mother, Ms. Luo, was counterfeited by others. At the end of January, Mr. Li filed a patent infringement dispute mediation request with the Shiyan City Market Supervision Bureau. Mediation, in early February, the two sides reached a settlement. This is the first patent infringement complaint handled by Shiyan City since the People’s Mediation Committee for Intellectual Property Disputes was established.
  Mr. Li’s mother, Ms. Luo, is the patentee of the”fruit packing box” design. After the patented product was put on the market, it won a good reputation among consumers and obtained considerable economic benefits. At the end of January, the Spring Festival is approaching , Counterfeit products appeared on the market. In order to defend his rights, Mr. Li immediately applied to the Shiyan City Market Supervision Department for mediation. On February 1, our bureau filed a case on Mr. Li’s request, and quickly set up a special class to make use of the three-party cooperative case handling mechanism of the city bureau, district bureau, and market supervision office, and organize the petitioner Mr. Li and the respondent together with the market operator Mr. Wang made mediation. After preliminary investigation, the mother of the petitioner Mr. Li, Ms. Luo, is the owner of the design patent for”Fruit Packing Box (Zhangzhou Lugan)” (Patent No. ZL202030005049. 2). The patent was granted on August 14, 2020, and the current patent is legal and valid. The fruit distributor Wang manufactured, sold, and promised to sell the alleged infringing products without the permission of the patentee, infringing the plaintiff’s design patent. After repeated and patient persuasion by Shiyan city market supervisors and clear interpretations, the two parties finally reached a mediation agreement, and the respondent promised to stop the infringement.
   Last year, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau adopted a series of measures to strengthen the administrative protection of intellectual property rights and established a People’s Mediation Committee for Intellectual Property Disputes in response to the “difficult proof, long cycle, high cost, and low compensation” of rights holders in intellectual property infringement disputes. Establish a diversified intellectual property dispute resolution mechanism, integrate the mediation of conflicts and disputes throughout the entire process of patent infringement disputes, effectively resolve intellectual property disputes, promote the improvement of the city’s intellectual property protection capabilities and efficiency, and help the city innovate a new environment and optimize the business environment And high-quality economic and social development.