Shangluo Market Supervision Bureau launches special rectification of food safety on campus and surrounding areas in spring
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   Recently, when the spring school starts, in order to strengthen the supervision of food safety on campus and surrounding areas, Shangluo City Market Supervision Bureau organizes special rectification actions for spring campus and surrounding food safety in schools of all levels and types in the city.
  This special action focuses on strengthening the food safety supervision of the school canteen and the surrounding campus during the spring school and the high school entrance examination, supervising and inspecting the campus and surrounding food producers and operators to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, and actively carry out food safety management self-inspection. Improve the food safety awareness of producers and operators, reduce hidden food safety risks, and improve the food safety quality of school cafeterias and food producers and operators around the campus.
  In this special action, the market supervision department focused on the implementation of the food safety management system in school canteens, food management and food safety education and training and health management of employees, and the use of facilities and equipment such as food refrigeration in canteens and disinfection of catering utensils. Procurement of food and food raw materials, request for proof and invoice, timely removal of expired food and food raw materials, standardized food processing and production operations, cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils, food samples, cold chain food, food additive management, etc. During the inspection, problems and hidden risks are found to be ordered to rectify in time, and illegal production and operation activities shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, to ensure the quality and safety of the school’s teachers and students, and to contribute to maintaining the normal teaching order of the school.