Shangluo City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held an expert review meeting on the technical regulations for the cultivation of turf ear bag material
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   On March 9, Shangluo City Market Supervision Bureau organized a municipal-level local standard review meeting of”Technical Regulations for the Cultivation of Tussah Fungus Bag Material”. The review meeting was presided over by Song Shaojun, deputy director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. Staff from the Standardization Section of the Municipal Bureau coordinated and organized and participated in the review meeting. The meeting invited experts and professional technicians from Shangluo Shengze Agriculture and Forestry Technology Development Co., Ltd., the Municipal Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Center, the Municipal Agricultural Science Institute, the Municipal Agricultural Technology Station, the Municipal Food Inspection and Testing Center and other units to form a review team.”Regulations of Material Cultivation Technology” to be reviewed.
   The participating experts listened carefully to the introduction of the standard drafting unit, conducted in-depth discussions and deliberations on the standard chapter by chapter, put forward specific amendments and suggestions on some details, made necessary adjustments to the standard structure, and strictly reviewed the standard text And form a review report. Finally reached an agreement, the expert review team agreed that the”Technical Regulations for the Cultivation of Tussah Fungus Bag Material” passed the review. It is believed that the formulation of the standard combines regional characteristics, detailed content, reasonable technical indicators, scientificity, rationality, operability and technological advancement. In the next step, the compilation team will further improve according to the opinions put forward by the expert group, and form a high-quality draft for approval as soon as possible, and report it in accordance with the procedures.
   This meeting gave full play to the collective wisdom and professional expertise. The standard review procedure is legal, the standard compilation structure is reasonable, the standard elements are complete, and the standard technology level is high. It is in line with the actual cultivation of Tussah water fungus and can be used for the cultivation of Tussah fungus. The technical basis is to provide strong support for further improving the quality of Tussah fungus products and speeding up the standardization of Tussah fungus cultivation, and is of great significance in leading the high-quality development of the Tussah fungus industry and boosting rural revitalization. (Chen Jianghui Anle)