Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration Phase 9 Provincial Food Safety Sampling Inspection Information in 2021
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  According to the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”Shanghai Food Safety Regulations” and other regulations, the relevant information of our bureau to carry out this city’s food safety sampling inspection is now announced as follows:
   This sampling information involves 4 categories of food, including:cocoa and roasted coffee products, aquatic products, formula foods for special medical purposes, edible agricultural products, etc. A total of 306 batches of samples were sampled, of which 301 batches were qualified and 5 batches were unqualified. The unqualified samples are 5 batches of edible agricultural products (the unqualified items:procymidone, enrofloxacin, nitrofurazone metabolites), and the sample information is detailed in the attachment.
  For the unqualified products found in the above-mentioned random inspections, our bureau has requested the relevant district market supervision administrations to promptly investigate and deal with unqualified foods and their producers and operators, investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law, and further urge enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations and make relevant The situation is recorded in the food safety credit file of the food producer and business operator. The investigation and handling information shall be disclosed by the district market supervision and administration bureau responsible for the investigation and handling of the case in the place of the enterprise.
  Specially remind consumers that if they buy or find unqualified foods listed in the appendix on the market, please call the food safety complaint hotline 12315 to make a complaint.
  Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration
   March 10, 2021