Seven requirements of Tongchuan City Market Supervision Administration urge food producers and operators to implement epidemic prevention and control responsibilities
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γ€€γ€€ In order to implement national and provincial decisions on epidemic prevention and control and food safety, and maintain the health of the people, Tongchuan City Market Supervision Administration requires food producers and operators to be strict in terms of personnel management, scientific cleaning and disinfection, etc. Implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and food safety.
γ€€γ€€The notice requires food producers and operators to first strengthen personnel management, strictly implement measures such as temperature testing, health induction, and health abnormality reports for employees in accordance with local epidemic prevention and control requirements, and strictly implement scientific wearing of masks and gloves during work, and norms Wear work clothes, do a good job of personal hygiene and health management, strengthen hand disinfection and regular nucleic acid testing to avoid cross-contamination and contact transmission; the second is to clean and disinfect scientifically, and strengthen the work place, personnel passage, employee dormitory and other areas Clean and disinfect, make a record of cleaning and disinfection and display it in the public area. When carrying out environmental sanitation, cleaning and disinfection, we must strictly abide by the procedures to avoid food contamination; third, we must strictly manage imported food, implement special channel purchases, special area storage, and special area sales for imported cold chain foods, and strictly implement purchase inspections, temperature records, etc. The main responsibility for food safety, products without inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test report, disinfection certificate and traceability information shall not be produced, processed or marketed. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the”Shaanxi Cold Chain”, strictly implement one code per batch, one code per object, and one code to the end, so that the source can be checked and whereabouts can be traced. Those selling imported cold chain foods should affix the”Shaanxi Cold Chain” electronic traceability code on the food outer packaging or container. Implement the real-name system for the purchase of imported cold chain food, and consumers use WeChat to scan the QR code for real-name registration and purchase; the fourth is to regulate the management of production and business premises, and to urge food producers and operators to strictly control the flow of people in areas where people are easy to gather. Set a”one-meter line”, do a good job of temperature detection, reminders to wear masks, check the”epidemic health code”, and protect personal information in accordance with the law; the fifth is to prevent the risk of food contamination, and when selling directly imported food in bulk, use plus It is placed in a lid or non-open container, and measures such as setting reminders and signs are adopted to prevent consumers from touching the food directly consumed in bulk. For meals taken or delivered by customers, the use of food safety seals is recommended, or the use of disposable, non-recoverable materials to seal the outer packaging to prevent food contamination during transportation; Sixth, it is necessary to strictly implement the epidemic situation of food producers and operators The main responsibility of prevention and control, in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the personal protection of employees and those who come to and from production and business sites. You must scan the code to enter and exit the food production and business premises, and you can pass through with the green electronic identification code. Masks should be worn all the way in confined places such as elevators, and the number of people and dining time should be reduced as much as possible when eating in food business places, and the gathering of people should be reduced. Sixth, it is necessary to strictly implement epidemic reporting and handling of food production and business places. After discovering information involving a suspected epidemic situation, it should immediately report to the local epidemic prevention and control department. If the scope of the market supervision department is involved, emergency response will be initiated in accordance with the relevant plan, and strive to clarify the epidemic information and control the epidemic in the shortest time.