Serbia Minister of Agriculture Nidimovic:Serbian agricultural exports increase by 50%
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  According to the news from Nantong News Agency on the 25th, Serbian Minister of Agriculture Nidimovic said on the same day that the export of Serbian agricultural products has increased by 50%in the past two years, reaching US$4.2 billion last year.

  ni pointed out that after more than 30 years of hard work, Serbia Agriculture has fully opened up the world market, including high-profit markets such as the UAE, Bahrain, India and China, and will enter the Vietnamese and Indonesian markets in the next step. Among them, the UAE and the Middle East countries are the most special countries in the food export destinations of Cyprus. They have already exported fruits such as apples and raspberries. They also hope to increase the export of beef and mutton. The Persian Gulf region is also very interested in the agricultural products of Cyprus. , A large amount of beef is being shipped to Lebanon.
   Regarding pork exports, Vietnam, with a population of 80 million, expressed interest in buying Searle and has every reason to believe that Siberian pork will once again enter the EU and Chinese markets.
   Regarding fruit exports, India is an important destination for fruit exports to Cyprus. It has exported nearly 40 freighters in less than half a year, and shipped about 800 tons in the past three months. Serbia also exports blueberries, raspberries and other fruits to the United States, but there are still a large number of South American blueberries on the US market that are putting pressure on Serbia to compete.