Sanming City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau launched a special rectification action for”Sky-Priced Rock Tea”
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   Recently, the chaotic phenomenon of”high-priced rock tea” has appeared in certain areas of Fujian Province, which has aroused widespread concern in the society. In order to crack down on this chaotic problem and strengthen market supervision, the Sanming City Market Supervision Bureau immediately organized law enforcement personnel to carry out”high-priced rock tea”. The special rectification action of”Rock Tea” market chaos ensures reasonable and stable tea prices and creates an orderly and good market environment.
   This special action focuses on rectifying false signs, shoddy goods, trademark infringement, false publicity, false advertising, abuse of vulgar names, unidentified prices, price collusion, private transactions, and high-priced”not for sale””Tasting tea” and other illegal behaviors, as well as bad behaviors that exaggerate enjoyment and extravagance in marketing.
   On February 25, the Sanming City Market Supervision Bureau convened 23 operators of rock tea sales over 10,000 yuan in their jurisdiction to conduct collective interviews to publicize the spirit of the relevant policies and documents for rectifying the chaos of”high-priced tea” and regulating business behaviors. Distribute the”Regulation of Rock Tea Business Behavior Reminder and Caution Letter” to operators, requiring them to operate in a law-abiding and honest manner, strengthen industry self-discipline, and self-examine and correct problems. At the meeting, the operators of rock tea made promises to regulate their business behaviors and not to sell”high-priced tea”,”not for sale”,”appreciating tea” and other promises.
   As of now, the city has dispatched a total of 475 inspectors to inspect 238 stores of various brands of rock tea, and ordered rectification of 29 companies that have not clearly marked the price and have not implemented the certificate and ticket request system, and 4 cases have been opened.