Sandai County in Sichuan strengthens administrative guidance to ensure the safety of meals in satellite kitchens
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   There are many students in Santai County in Sichuan, the schools are widely distributed, the school conditions are limited, and the quality of the meals in the school cafeteria is uneven. In order to improve the quality and nutrition of school meals, To alleviate the pressure of the school cafeteria, Santai County successfully broke through the problem through the”central kitchen + satellite kitchen” model. Through the”central kitchen + satellite kitchen” model, the”central kitchen”, an enterprise qualified for off-campus meals, will initially process the ingredients and deliver them to the satellite kitchen of the school operated by the enterprise every day. After that, they will carry out heat conditioning cooking and lunch box distribution. After loading it, deliver it to the students.

  In order to strengthen the supervision of satellite kitchens, to ensure the food safety of teachers and students in the county under the new feeding mode. On March 3, the Market Supervision Bureau of Santai County organized and convened the administrative meeting for centralized meal supply in the school canteens of Santai County, related to the County Market Supervision Bureau, the County Education and Sports Bureau, and the Santai County Hongzirui Company (Nutrition Meal Distribution Center). The person in charge attended the meeting.

   The meeting required that the five satellite kitchens in Shi’an, Tashan, Le’an, Xiping, and Gujing must obtain a license before operating, and it is strictly forbidden to provide meals without a license. The nutritious meal distribution center must strictly manage the delivery vehicles and employees. In particular, it must strengthen the management of the meal sharing process, strictly equipped with disinfection lamps, and school meals must be in a special room. Strictly do a good job in food sample retention and kitchen waste disposal to ensure satellites Food safety in the kitchen.

  The meeting emphasized that enterprises should further implement their main responsibilities, standardize business behaviors, strengthen food safety management, and strictly control the procurement, storage, processing, and distribution of food raw materials. To ensure the food safety of teachers and students throughout the county. Nutritional meals for students must match the quality and price. The delivery process must be monitored throughout the entire meal delivery process. Practitioners must strictly implement the system of holding health certificates and the morning inspection system to ensure the safety of meals.