Russia’s agricultural exports to China increased by 39%compared to the same period last year
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The”Agricultural Product Export” Center of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture announced that from February 20, 2020 to February 21, 2021, Russia’s agricultural exports to China amounted to 700 million U.S. dollars, which is higher than the previous period (from February 20, 2019 to 2020). February 21) compared with an increase of 39%.

   China imported US$125 million in oil products, US$84 million in fish and seafood, US$47 million in grain, US$38 million in meat and dairy products, and US$17 million in food and processed industrial products from Russia .
   China’s share in the export structure of Russian products is 18.9%. Therefore, China ranks first in importing Russian products. Ranked second is Turkey (accounting for 15.2%), Egypt is third (accounting for 10.6%), and fourth is the European Union (accounting for 10.4%).
   From February 20, 2020 to February 21, 2021, the total export of Russian agricultural products increased by 41%over the same period of the previous year, reaching US$3.7 billion.