Russian companies say they will kill batches of aquatic products exported to China
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   A spokesperson for Yuzhmorrybflot, a Russian aquatic product manufacturer, said that the batches of aquatic products will be eliminated before being exported to China.

   The General Administration of Customs of China stated on March 24 that it was imported from Russia from 1 batch of frozen salmon, 1 outer packaging sample, 1 batch of frozen pollock, 2 outer packaging samples, and 1 batch of frozen pollock. Nucleic acid positive for the new crown virus was detected in two outer packaging samples, and the national customs will suspend the acceptance of import declarations from Russian aquatic product manufacturers Kamchatmoreproduct LLC, PCF”Yuzhno-Kyrilsky Ryibocombinat” Co., Ltd. and JSC”Yuzhmorrybflot” for one week.
   The spokesperson said,”The company strictly implements a mask-wearing system, and 100%of its employees are regularly tested for new coronary pneumonia. Employees were vaccinated with the Russian satellite-V vaccine from February to March 2021.”
   According to him, in addition, the company has also purchased and used professional equipment to kill large industrial areas every day.
   The press department also added that”all finished batches must be compulsorily eliminated before being dispatched.”
   The Primorsky Krai and Sakhalin sub-bureaus of the Russian Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine Service stated that China has not notified them of the detection of traces of the new crown virus in the outer packaging of aquatic products in the Far East.