Rush to the hot search! This vegetable costs 10 yuan a tael! Why is it so”golden expensive”?
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   The seemingly unremarkable toon made popular searches because it sold for more than 100 yuan a catty. What is the market for such”golden expensive” vegetables in Guangdong?
  At the Dongshan Meat Market in Guangzhou, the red ones tied in small bundles are toon. Toon has a special fragrance like parsley and coriander. However, it is difficult to see it on the tables of Guangdong locals.
  Consumer:I haven’t eaten it before. I don’t know until you say it.
  Vegetable stall owner:Outsiders buy more.
   Ordinary vegetables are weighed by catty, but toon is sold by”liang”. On some take-out platforms, the price of toon is about ten to twenty yuan per 100 grams, which is about one hundred yuan per catty. The reporter learned from some toon”acquainted customers” that the price of toon is not expensive, and it is the same as in previous years. Because toon is a very seasonal vegetable, the output was relatively small when it first went on the market.
  Vegetable stall owner:Because toon is relatively small, there is only one month in a year. After the toon grows old, no one eats it anymore.
   Consumer:When the north spring comes, it is the first sprout. It can be cold or scrambled.
   Although toon is expensive, it is not suitable for everyone.
   Liu Jia, Attending Physician of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University:Contains a lot of carotene, which is very effective for improving eyesight. Toon is a photosensitive food. Some patients with chronic diseases, eye diseases, and skin diseases are not recommended to eat toon.