Representative Li Shuguang delivered a speech at the third plenary meeting of the Sichuan delegation at the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress
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   On the morning of March 6, the Sichuan delegation held the third plenary meeting of the Fourth Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress to review the”National Economy of the People’s Republic of China The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Social and Social Development and the Outline of Long-Term Goals for 2035 (Draft). Li Shuguang, deputy to the National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wuliangye Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

   Representative Li Shuguang believes that the”Planning Outline” stands at a new historical intersection, guided by Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, and systematically draws the next five. The grand blueprint for economic and social development in 2016 and the”two-step” strategy in the new era runs through the”three new” main lines that are based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and build a new development pattern. The goals require lofty and pragmatic goals, and the guidelines are clear and strategic. The deployment is clearly directed, inspiring, and inspiring. It is a task book, timetable and road map for mobilizing and encouraging the entire party and the people of the country to write a new chapter in the”two miracles”.

   Representative Li Shuguang said that Wuliangye will follow the “three new” theory as a guide, combine the “planning outline” with the major deployments of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to deepen the supply side Structural reform, promote the mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles, strive to create a”zero-carbon wine enterprise”, achieve higher-level high-quality development, and accelerate the creation of a green, innovative, and leading world-class enterprise. Turn the grand blueprint into reality and make a good start and start for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.

   Representative Li Shuguang combined study and implemented the”Planning Outline” and talked about three points of experience:

   First, we must grasp the general trend of expanding domestic demand and consumption upgrading, and continue to deepen supply-side structural reforms. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Wuliangye must be good at”grasping the first and creating first-class”. Adhere to development as the”first priority”, comply with the general trend of diversified consumption, individualization, and high-end consumption, and in accordance with the strategic requirements of”focusing on the main business, strengthening the main business”, deepen the supply-side structural reform with greater efforts and optimize the product structure , To achieve a higher level of high-quality development; insist on innovation as the”first driving force”, capture new market needs, develop new industry technologies, explore new consumption models, use innovative”kinetic energy” to enhance development”potential energy”, and lead the creation of international influence A strong liquor industry cluster; adhere to talents as the “first resource”, continue to strengthen the reform of the three systems, cultivate, introduce and make good use of talents in an all-round way, and provide intellectual guarantee for forging world-class enterprises.

  Second, we must base ourselves on high-level opening up and actively promote the international development of Chinese liquor. Wuliangye should seize the strategic opportunity for high-quality development of the”Belt and Road”, make good use of the”China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement” that has just come into effect, give full play to the role of the three major overseas marketing centers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, and strengthen the creation of”Chinese Wine +”Chinese cuisine” and the overseas operation model of”display + tasting” and”product + culture”, expand overseas markets, lead Chinese liquor and culture to”go global”, promote the establishment of a new development pattern in the liquor industry, and move towards the high end of the world wine industry value chain Keep moving forward.

   Third, we must adhere to the concept of “ecology first, green development” and strive to create a “zero-carbon wine enterprise”. Wuliangye is located in the core area of ​​the ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It must take the lead in practicing the idea of ​​ecological civilization. Food is to be ecological. It must treat the ecological environment like life and protect the ecological environment like eyes. Wuliangye is formulating a carbon neutral strategic plan. Through carbon emission reduction, carbon absorption, carbon finance, etc., it strengthens energy resource planning and full-cycle operation management and control capabilities, and creates a digital scenario of”smart energy + carbon neutrality + blockchain” , Build a carbon neutral supply chain management system and information sharing platform, establish a corporate carbon neutral standard system, achieve continuous reduction of the carbon footprint of the product’s life cycle, strive to create a”zero-carbon wine company”, and strive to be carbon neutral in the Chinese wine industry Advocate and pioneer of culture.

At the    meeting, representative Li Shuguang put forward two suggestions:First, as a traditional advantageous industry, Chinese liquor has more key common technologies that need to be broken through, including production area construction, Standard construction, fermentation mechanism research and micro-ecological analysis research, etc., Sichuan is also the largest province in China’s liquor production. It is recommended that the relevant state departments support Sichuan’s construction of a national liquor industry innovation center. Second, Chinese liquor is the business card of traditional culture. With the high-quality development of the “Belt and Road” and the implementation of a series of international trade facilitation policies, there is a foundation for smooth access to more countries. Increasing support for promotion, special treaties, overseas development, etc., to further promote Chinese liquor to become the world’s liquor.