Quarantine pests intercepted by customs in the first two months increased by 40%year-on-year
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   Customs has woven a national biosafety protection net. In the first two months, a total of 172 species of quarantine pests were intercepted, 7,942 times, and the number of interceptions increased by 40.41%year-on-year.

   In the previous two months, experts organized by the Customs to conduct video inspections on overseas fruit exporting companies and revoked the qualifications of 245 companies exporting to China. Based on the interception at the port, 98 notifications of violations were issued to foreign parties. According to law, 56 batches of imported agricultural products from 15 countries (regions) were returned or destroyed, and the qualifications of 33 enterprises to export to China were cancelled.

   This winter and spring season, various animal diseases have an early, frequent and high incidence. At present, 574 cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza have occurred in 28 countries around the world, an increase of 3.7 year-on-year Times, 1253 cases of African swine fever occurred in 12 countries, a year-on-year increase of 1%. The customs strictly guards against the importation of various animal diseases, strengthens the overseas pre-inspection of imported animals, and strictly controls the source of quarantine to ensure the safety and sanitation of imported animals. Continue to strengthen the prevention and control of major animal and plant epidemics such as African swine fever, highly pathogenic avian influenza, desert locust and other major animal and plant epidemics, and issued 8 ban announcements and 6 warning notices, involving 12 countries (regions).