Quanzhou:Imported cold chain food”code on” traceability is unambiguous
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  ”Sweep with WeChat, you can find the source of purchase, customs declaration information, nucleic acid testing information and disinfection information of the imported frozen chicken feet that we bought. This allows us to buy with confidence and eat with confidence.” Recently, In order to strengthen the supervision of imported cold chain food, the imported cold chain food traceability system implemented by the Quanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has been well received by the general public.
   Since the beginning of the autumn and winter seasons, imported cold chain foods or packaging have been tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid in many parts of the country. Imported cold chain foods have become one of the main ways for the spread of the new coronavirus.
  ”In order to realize the supervision of the entire process of imported cold chain food entering Quanzhou, to quickly realize the forward tracking, reverse traceability and product disposal of imported cold chain food, and to eliminate the risk of the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus through imported cold chain food in a timely manner, November 2020 On 18th, we started to develop the traceability system for imported cold-chain food relying on Quanzhou’s food safety “one product, one code” traceability management platform.” said Zheng Jianlong, head of the Food Circulation Safety Supervision Section of Quanzhou Market Supervision Bureau, on December 14th, The Quanzhou imported cold chain food traceability system was officially launched for trial operation; on January 16 this year, the Quanzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced the official launch of the Quanzhou imported cold chain food traceability system, requiring all imported cold chain foods entering Quanzhou to pass The WeChat mini program”Quanzhou Food Safety’One Product One Code’ Traceability Management Platform” uploads the traceability information to the imported cold chain food traceability system.
   It is understood that in accordance with the management requirements of the imported cold chain food traceability system, any imported cold chain food that wants to enter Quanzhou must be declared through the traceability system 24 hours before entering Quanzhou; then the centralized supervision warehouses in various regions will report through the traceability system. Prepare information and the applicant to determine the warehouse entry time. When entering the centralized supervision warehouse, check the declaration information, the cargo information and the traceability information before entering the warehouse; before leaving the warehouse, the”Quanzhou Imported Cold Chain Food Centralized Supervision Warehouse Exit Certificate”, The transportation vehicle information, the nucleic acid detection information of the driver and the passenger and the information of the frozen warehouse to be stored are uploaded to the traceability system; when the frozen warehouse stores imported cold chain foods, it should log in the traceability system to check and verify the traceability information of the batch of foods before entering The information on the imported cold chain food is simultaneously pushed to the market supervision department where the cold chain is stored to improve the efficiency of supervision; other production and operation units in the transportation, production and processing, circulation, catering and other links are transporting and purchasing imported cold chain food. Transactions should be carried out by scanning the”main body code” of upstream operators; sellers such as bazaars, supermarkets, wholesale companies, retailers, etc., when selling imported cold chain foods, shall publicize their respective Quanzhou traceability system”main body codes” to facilitate Operators scan codes for purchase, and consumers scan codes to check traceability information.
  ” Through the establishment of the whole chain and whole process informational traceability management of all links in the production and operation of imported cold chain food in the city, the source and whereabouts of imported cold chain food can be traced to ensure the full traceability of imported cold chain food information Section Chief Zheng Jianlong said that in order to implement the imported cold chain food traceability system, market supervision departments at all levels in Quanzhou actively urge centralized supervision warehouses, storage freezers, and imported cold chain food production and operation units to upload relevant information about imported cold chain food. To the traceability system, at the same time increase the investigation and punishment of production and business units that have not implemented the food safety information traceability system. As of March 2, the city has investigated and handled a total of 124 cases of violations of laws and regulations, such as failure to implement imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control measures, and publicly exposed them. In four batches of 34 typical cases, 6,980 kilograms of imported cold-chain food were removed from the shelves, and 87,000 yuan was fined, 6 cases were transferred to the public security organs, and 5 people were administratively detained. According to statistics, since the launch of the imported cold-chain food traceability system, the city has completed 740 batches of imported cold-chain foods, registered 378 cold storages engaged in the storage of imported cold-chain foods, and completed 954 imported cold-chain food warehousing information, uploaded 1991 pieces of transaction traceability information ensured that imported cold chain foods entering Quanzhou can be traced and closed-loop management, which has effectively improved the accuracy and overall effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control.