Puyang Market Supervision Bureau holds the city’s food production safety supervision work conference in 2021
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   On March 26, Puyang Market Supervision and Administration held a citywide food production safety supervision work conference in 2021 to review and summarize the work in 2020, analyze the current situation, and arrange deployment Mission in 2021. Liu Daoguang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and Wang Zhaoxue, Deputy Director, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

   Liu Daoguang emphasized that this year is the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan”, and food production safety supervision must further implement the”four strictest” work requirements. Do the following:First, improve political positions. Fully understand the importance and urgency of food safety work under the new situation, take food safety supervision responsibilities at heart, use professional work attitude, persistent dedication, firm ideals and beliefs, treat people with kindness, work hard, and do everything Go to ensure the food safety of the city. The second is to strengthen the capacity building of the supervisory team. Strengthen the training of supervisory personnel’s business knowledge and skills, and continuously improve their professional qualities and skills through more learning, more exchanges, and more practice, so as to further improve the ability to discover problems, see the subtleties, and solve problems. The third is to strengthen the governance of outstanding issues. We must firmly grasp the prominent problems of”clenbuterol” and the abuse of food additives, take the”random addition” behavior of small and micro enterprises and small workshops as the focus of governance, and resolutely crack down on illegal activities. The fourth is to strengthen the implementation of the accountability system. Improve the supervision and inspection system, consolidate daily supervision responsibilities, ensure that responsibilities are in place, supervision is in place, and law enforcement is in place, so that illegal activities have no hiding places, and food producers and operators dare, cannot, and do not want to break the law. The fifth is to strengthen the construction of the work style system. Food safety supervision cannot fail or act indiscriminately. Supervision must be implemented in accordance with laws and regulations, fair use of power, clean law enforcement, and resolutely abiding by the bottom line of law and morality. Sixth, the whole city system must unite and work together. Persist in monitoring with one hand and service with the other, serving the food producers and operators well, taking the affairs of the enterprise as their own, and the difficulties of the masses as their own difficulties, bravely taking responsibility, letting food safety bear fruitful results and satisfying the masses , Let the municipal party committee and the municipal government rest assured and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements!

   Wang Zhaoxue analyzed the outstanding problems and severe challenges faced by our city’s current food production safety supervision work, and required supervisors to unify their thinking, raise awareness, and do a good job in 2021. Work.

  Counties (districts) market supervision bureaus, direct sub-bureaus in charge of leaders and heads of food production units (rooms), all staff of the food production supervision section of the city bureau, food and drug sampling Relevant personnel from the Department, the Municipal Quality Inspection Center, and the Municipal Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center attended the meeting.