Prediction and forecast of aquaculture diseases in Jiangsu Province in April 2021
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  April is a critical period for aquaculture to enter a large number of seedlings. The climate has changed from dry and cold in the early stage to warm and wet, precipitation gradually increased, and temperature fluctuations were large. It is necessary to strengthen water quality management and disease prevention and control measures, pay attention to weather conditions, and deal with stress well.

  1. Illness prediction

  1. Fish saprolegniasis, red skin disease, and gill-rot disease:the high-density freshwater fish breeding areas need to focus on prevention and control.

  2. Parasitic diseases caused by small melon worms, trichodes, etc.:All major freshwater fish breeding areas need to focus on prevention and control.

  3. White spot syndrome of crustaceans, acute hepatopancreas necrosis of shrimps:focus on the main breeding areas of crayfish and coastal prawns.

   2. Prevention measures

  1, fish bacterial gill rot disease

   clean ponds and disinfect before breeding, fully eliminate various pathogens, choose healthy and disease-resistant fry, improve feed quality, and increase fish immunity , Use quicklime or national standard fishery disinfectant containing chlorine and iodine to disinfect the water and food table. At the same time, you can choose Shuanghuang Sophora powder, Qingban Huangbai powder, Sanhuang powder, Radix Isatidis powder, Rhubarb powder, Big Scutellaria baicalensis powder And rhubarb Wubeizi powder and other Chinese herbal treatments.

  2, fish cucumis disease, trichoderma

   choose safe, efficient, and pollution-free deworming drugs on the market, pay attention to the method of use and dosage, and try to choose efficient and pollution-free parasitic diseases prevention and treatment.

  3. Shrimp leukoplakia

   Shrimp breeding ponds are thoroughly disinfected, the bottom quality is improved and the water quality is cultivated, shrimp quarantine is strengthened, and diseased shrimp larvae are strictly prevented from being introduced into the pond.

  4. Other matters needing attention

   (1) Do a good job in cleaning ponds, pay attention to improving pond water quality, provide a good and stable water environment for breeding animals, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.

   (2) Put healthy seedlings. When buying and placing seedlings, you should ask about the history of the incidence of the seedlings’ origin or send them to a qualified agency for virus testing to avoid placing them with viruses. Seedlings, strictly control the stocking density of seedlings.

   (3) When adding external source water, the upper layer of the water should be extracted from the water source with less sediment and high dissolved oxygen content, and pre-disinfect, aerate and purify the water source It can be used after treatment, and the changed water body should be kept fresh to prevent wild fishes and predators from entering the water body.

   (4) Once large-scale illnesses and large-scale deaths occur during the production process, they must promptly report to the local aquatic technology promotion (aquatic animal disease prevention and control agency), and take measures Take corresponding measures to prevent the spread of the disease.