Prediction and forecast of aquaculture diseases in Fujian Province in April 2021
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  April,FujianThe provincial fishery production enters the critical stage of seed stocking. With the water temperature The growth of pathogens in this month accelerated the reproduction of pathogens, and the incidence of cultured organisms will also increase. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in pond cleaning before seedlings stocking, disinfection of water bodies and breeding equipment, and pay attention to the two solar terms during Qingming and Guyu. The impact of increased rainfall and the phenomenon of”cold spring” on aquaculture.

  1. Illness prediction

  1. Grass carp:It is prone to spring fulminant death, gill rot disease, melon worm disease, water mold, etc., focusing on high-density grass carp breeding areas.

  2. Eel:Prone to enteritis, small melon worm disease, branchial mildew, saprolegniasis, etc., focusing on the high-density breeding area of ​​eel.

  3. Large yellow croaker:It is prone to visceral white spot disease, scutellariasis, bacterial ulcer disease, etc., focusing on the high-density cultivation area of ​​large yellow croaker.

  4. Grouper:It is prone to viral neuronecrosis and iridescent virus disease at the seedling stage, and focus on the grouper nursery.

  5. Shrimp:Shrimp prone to enterocystis, hepatopancreatic necrosis, enteritis, etc., and focus on areas where shrimp is cultured at a high density.

   2. Prevention and control measures for key diseases

  1. Spring grass carp violent death:⑴ Do a good job in breeding management:control the breeding density to avoid hypoxia and water quality deterioration due to excessive density; standardize the operation, try Reduce the mechanical damage of the fish body during the fishing and transportation process. ⑵ Do a good job of feeding management:when the water temperature rises in spring, start feeding early and gradually increase the feeding amount; appropriately add fishery multi-dimensional and immune polysaccharide preparations to the feed to improve the fish’s own immunity. ⑶ Do a good job of disinfection:disinfect the water body at the early stage of the disease, use quicklime, bleaching powder, etc., to splash the whole pond.

  2. Visceral white spot disease of large yellow croaker:⑴Strengthen feeding management:Try to use compound feed to reduce pathogen pollution. ⑵Early prevention:In the early stage of the disease, doxycycline can be appropriately fed to reduce the incidence of disease; appropriate multivitamins are added to the feed to improve the immunity of the fish. ⑶ Scientific treatment:If dead fish are found, timely harmless treatment is carried out to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria.

  3. Shrimp liver enterocytosis:There is currently no effective treatment for this disease, mainly prevention. Do a good job in shrimp quarantine, avoid selecting shrimps that carry pathogens for breeding; do a good job of dredging and disinfecting shrimp ponds to remove the spore oocysts in the environment; if sick or dead shrimp are found, they should be removed in time and harmless Treat it to prevent it from being swallowed by healthy shrimp.