Paraguay’s first batch of pork exports to Uruguay has been shipped
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The National Meat Quality and Animal Health Administration of Paraguay (Senacsa) stated on February 26 that the export of 25 tons of pork from the Paraguayan UPISA meat processing plant (frigorífico paraguayo UPISA) by land transportation to the Uruguayan company Pagolle SA was completed on February 24 This is also the first time that Paraguay has exported pork to Uruguay.

   Paraguay’s National Press reported that the UPISA meat processing plant in Paraguay passed the technical review of the Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay at the end of 2020, and was authorized to export pork to Uruguay.
  According to data released by the Paraguayan Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC), the UPISA meat processing plant currently has 400 direct employees and 900 indirect employees. It slaughters 200 pigs per hour and produces 130,000 kilograms of pork per day. Among them, 81%of pork production is for domestic consumption and 9%is for export.
  Senacsa Chairman JoseCarlosMartinJoséCarlos Martín Camperchiolli said:“Paraguay exported pork to Uruguay for the first time. This is a historic day for the national pig industry. We promise to continue to provide High-quality products.”
   Quimperchioli also pointed out that the Uruguayan market has a very strong demand for pork. The country imports about 40,000 tons of pork each year, of which more than 95%of imported pork comes from Brazil. Paraguay is expected to rely on more competitive prices. Occupy the Uruguay market.
   In addition, the official data released by Senacsa shows that in 2020, Paraguay exported more than 2,800 tons of pork, with a total export value of more than 6 million U.S. dollars.