Panjin City Market Supervision Bureau launches special investigation on”Clenbuterol”
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   In response to the CCTV 3.15 party exposing the illegal use of”clenbuterol” by farmers in Qingxian County, Hebei, the Panjin City Market Supervision Bureau acted quickly, guided by the problem, and in accordance with the”four most stringent” requirements, immediately focused on the city The livestock meat sold in the farmer’s market and the morning market will be checked and spot-checked for “clenbuterol” quick inspection.
   There are three key points for this special investigation of”Clenbuterol”. First, the city’s large farmer’s market and morning market are the key areas, and the source of livestock meat is the key content. A comprehensive investigation is organized and suspicious products are found. . The second is to urge livestock sellers and agricultural product trading market operators to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, strictly implement food safety systems such as purchase inspections, and establish purchase and sales records, and strictly prevent livestock without inspection and quarantine certificates and unknown origins from entering the market. The third is to conduct rapid inspection of the”Clenbuterol” project on livestock meat, and quickly detect the components of clenbuterol, ractopamine and salbutamol. Suspected positive samples were immediately subject to supervision and law enforcement sampling, and the illegal use of”Clenbuterol” was severely cracked down.
  As of now, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has investigated 4 large farmer’s markets, 2 morning markets and 1 rural market. No mutton products from Qingxian County, Hebei were found; 42 samples were randomly selected from 32 livestock dealers The samples included 11 parts of mutton, 14 parts of beef, and 17 parts of pork, and no”clenbuterol” was detected by quick inspection and random inspection.
   At the same time, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Food Safety Office have organized a one-month special investigation and remediation action for”Clenbuterol” throughout the city, and targeted edible agricultural products wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, shopping malls and supermarkets throughout the city. , Third-party cold storage and catering service units and other animal meat operators carry out pull-net inspections, conduct special sampling inspections of”clenbuterol” on livestock meat on sale, severely crack down on the illegal use of”clenbuterol”, strictly control market access, and allow The people of our city eat safely and eat at ease.