Opinions of the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration of the Ministry of Commerce of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Promoting Food Savings by Standardization and Opposing Food Waste (Guo Shi Jian Biao Ji Fa [2021] No. 7)
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Market supervision bureaus (departments, commissions), commerce bureaus, culture and tourism bureaus (bureaus) of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:
   In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping on resolutely stopping catering waste, play the leading and normative role of standards, and support the green and intensive development of the catering supply chain, the following opinions are hereby put forward.
  1. Establish and improve an economical catering standard system
   Accelerate the establishment of an economical catering standard system covering the entire industry chain including the procurement of catering ingredients, storage, processing, transportation and distribution, business services, and kitchen recycling, focusing on complementing the catering supply chain and important basic national standards in the industry chain. Promote the competent departments of commerce and tourism to improve the industry standards of catering management and service in this field. Support all localities to introduce relevant local standards to promote catering economy in light of actual conditions. Encourage relevant social groups and enterprises to propose innovative measures, formulate and implement more stringent and higher-level group standards and enterprise standards.
  2. Formulate and publish a batch of national standards for catering economy
   Support the rapid establishment of relevant national standards for the promotion of catering economy. Accelerate the revision of national standards such as”Quality Management Regulations for Catering Enterprises”,”Classification of Tourist Resorts”,”Classification and Evaluation of Quality of Scenic Spots” and other national standards, and add technical requirements against food waste in the standards. Organize the formulation of a number of national standards such as catering supply chain management, takeaway food information description, green catering operation management, tourist restaurant facility service classification, network catering, etc., to support the creation of an intensive and efficient catering supply chain and minimize catering waste.
  3. Comprehensively improve the standardization level of catering enterprises
   Encourage catering companies to establish and improve a corporate standard system covering food purchases, cooking production, catering services, and personnel management based on the implementation of relevant national and industry standards, and to implement the concept of conservation throughout all aspects of catering business operations, management and services . Improve the green catering standard system, carry out green catering creation activities, and encourage various entities to participate in the evaluation and supervision of green catering.

  4. Actively promote the innovative development of online catering economy standards
   Develop green processing and distribution standards for take-out catering, and promote the implementation of green degradable tableware standards. Encourage the digitalization and standardization of online catering, use big data and other means to accurately analyze the tastes and consumption habits of different groups of people, promote the standardization of food information, and facilitate consumers to order meals scientifically.
  V. Vigorously develop tourism catering economy standard promotion activities
  To formulate and revise relevant standards for the tourism industry, to add content about catering savings to the standards, optimize group meal design, advocate CD-ROM actions, and promote civilized consumption concepts such as”appropriate ordering” and”small dishes” throughout the industry.
   Six. Support the creation of a pilot program for standardization of catering savings
   Support catering companies and related units in the upstream and downstream industries to carry out standardization trials, and promote catering savings as an important part of the pilot establishment. Timely sum up the experience of establishing standardization pilots in various places, cultivate and build a batch of typical cases of catering economy standardization, and support the replication and promotion of advanced experience of catering economy standardization throughout the country.
  VII. Continuously improve the supervision system for the implementation of catering economy standards
   Smooth standard implementation information feedback channels, encourage catering companies, tourist attractions, etc. to disclose the implemented catering economy standards to the society through the standard information public service platform, and accept social supervision. Promote relevant industry associations, scientific research institutions, and e-commerce platforms to carry out third-party evaluations in accordance with standards, and promote economical catering service organizations.
  8. Continue to create a standardized social atmosphere for catering economy
   Encourage local market supervision, commerce, culture and tourism departments to increase the standardization of catering economy through standard interpretation, standard training, on-site exchange meetings, etc., and promote effective implementation of catering economy standards by local catering companies, tourist attractions, etc. , To create a strong atmosphere of strict diligence and frugality and opposing food waste in the whole society.
  Market Supervision Administration
   Commercial Affairs Department
   Ministry of Culture and Tourism
   January 25, 2021