Oilseed Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences promotes the development of rapeseed science, enterprise, science and industry integration
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   On February 27, a delegation composed of Hunan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, relevant leaders of Loudi City, Hunan Modern Agriculture Group, Beijing Huaxia Junyuan Capital and other enterprises visited the oil plant During the inspection, the two parties reached a cooperative consensus on the creation of a”double-full and high-efficiency” development model for the rape industry, creating a”canola town”, and promoting the high-value, high-efficiency, and high-quality development of the rape industry.

   Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Chief of the Genetic Breeding Innovation Team of the Oil Plants Institute Wang Hanzhong attended the symposium and made the speech”Technological innovation leads the high-quality rape industry Development” report. Academician Wang Hanzhong introduced the creation of a full value chain of rapeseed, the development of the entire industry chain, and the development of multiple formats from the aspects of science and technology to give birth to the”healthiest” edible oil, the discovery and utilization of the high-efficiency phenomenon of plant selenium, and the new ultra-high-density varieties leading the new green revolution of rapeseed. The prospect of a”double full and efficient” development model of integration, green investment, large-scale production, mechanized operation, intelligent management, integration of production and sales, brand development, and international competition was fully recognized by the participants.

Huang Fenghong, director of    Oil Plant, said that the Oil Plant will give full play to its advantages in science and technology, achievements, talents, platforms, resources, etc., and strengthen the integrated development of science, technology, enterprise, science and industry, and help Hunan High-quality development of the rape industry.

Zhang Yi, deputy director of    Oil Plant, chaired the symposium. Experts from the oilseed rape genetic breeding team, product processing and nutrition team attended the symposium.