Notice on Soliciting Opinions on the Group Standard Project Establishment Plan of”Disposable Degradable Coffee Grounds Tableware”
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  In the near future, I will organize the formulation of the group standard of”One-time Use Degradable Coffee Grounds Tableware”. The reasons for the establishment of the project are explained as follows:
   In order to implement the”Opinions of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the National Development and Reform Commission on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution”, orderly prohibits and restricts the production, sales and use of some plastic products, and actively promotes the requirements of alternative products. Stores stop using non-degradable disposable plastic straws and non-degradable disposable plastic tableware. Catering companies are eager to find new alternatives to deal with plastic pollution. After coffee grounds are compounded with other biodegradable materials such as polylactic acid (PLA), they have excellent biodegradability and at the same time reduce the use of plastics from the source, which is a very good alternative material.
   But as a new type of food contact material, various parties have many problems in the specification of this type of product, such as:how to define disposable degradable coffee grounds tableware, how to formulate raw material quality requirements, how to meet physical and chemical indicators, etc. Therefore, there is an urgent need to formulate relevant standards to uniformly standardize production and use requirements. The formulation and implementation of this standard will fill the gap in the lack of international standards for single-use biodegradable coffee grounds tableware products, provide authoritative and scientific norms and basis for the industry and related institutions, and promote degradable bio-based materials for the catering industry. Providing an important technical foundation will promote the technological advancement of green materials in production enterprises and serve as a reference for the revision of laws and regulations related to the prevention and control of plastic pollution.
   Therefore, I plan to organize the formulation of the group standard of”One-time Use Degradable Coffee Grounds Tableware”. We are now seeking comments on the above project. If you have different opinions, please return your opinions and reasons to:[email protected] before March 15 No response after the expiry date shall be deemed as consent.
  China Food Industry Association
   February 26, 2021