Notice of the Office of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guizhou Province on Printing and Distributing the”Key Points of Guizhou Fishery and Fishery Administration in 2021″
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Agricultural and Rural Bureau of each city (state):
   In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central and Provincial Party Committee’s Rural Work Conference, strictly implement the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on fishery and fishery administration, and combine the actual work of our province, our department has studied and formulated the”Key Points of Guizhou Province Fishery and Fishery Administration in 2021″”. Now it is printed and distributed to you. Please implement it according to the actual situation.
  Guizhou Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
   March 19, 2021
  Key points of fishery and fishery administration in Guizhou Province in 2021
   2021 is the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan” and the first year to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and the effective connection of rural revitalization. The fishery and fishery administration system of the province must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. , Earnestly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government, adhere to the general keynote of seeking progress while maintaining stability, closely follow the theme of improving fishery quality and efficiency and stabilizing production and supply of aquatic products, based on the new development stage, and implement the new development concept , Build a new development pattern, strengthen scientific planning, deepen reform and innovation, and ensure that the high-quality development of Guizhou’s ecological fishery during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period has a good start and a good start. Focus on the following tasks.
  I. Make every effort to improve the quality and efficiency of fishery and stabilize the production and supply of aquatic products
   (1) Vigorously develop ecological fisheries. Manage the development of ecological fisheries with high quality, focus on large-scale ecological farming, integrated rice and fish farming, healthy cold-water fish breeding, and facility fisheries, accelerate the construction of a new pattern of green and healthy development of ecological fisheries in Guizhou, and realize”good water, good fish, high-quality fish at a premium price” , High yield and good harvest”. The annual output of aquatic products was 260,000 tons and the fishery output value was 6.4 billion yuan.
   (2) Stabilize and expand the development space of aquaculture. According to law, the preparation and issuance of aquaculture water tidal flat planning and the issuance of aquaculture licenses are carried out. It is strictly forbidden to occupy and change the use of tidal flats in the aquaculture waters without authorization, stabilize the aquaculture area, and ensure the development of fishery. Strengthen the law enforcement inspection of breeding licenses, remove illegal breeding in accordance with the law, accelerate the promotion of the breeding license system, and issue all of them, and increase the certification rate of tidal flat breeding in waters.
  (3) Promote the green development of aquaculture in an all-round way. Implement the”Four Major Actions” for green and healthy aquaculture farming to lay a solid foundation for green development. Carry out the establishment of national and provincial-level healthy aquaculture demonstration farms. Formulate and revise a number of relevant standards, and increase the certification of green and organic aquatic products and geographical indications of agricultural products. Strengthen the construction of aquatic animal epidemic prevention capacity, carry out the prevention and control of aquatic animal diseases, implement the quarantine of the origin of aquatic seedlings, and intensify the inspection of the quarantine qualification certificate.
   (4) Strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of aquatic products. Strictly implement the requirements of the Guizhou Province’s 2021-2023 aquaculture inputs supervision work plan, strengthen the management of inputs such as veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives for aquaculture, and crack down on the production, import, operation and use of fake and inferior aquaculture products in accordance with the law. Illegal activities such as veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives ensure the quality and safety of aquatic products. Carry out the monitoring of veterinary drug residues in aquatic products of the origin, strengthen the sampling of aquatic products in the origin, and crack down on illegal and criminal acts.
  (5) Elaborate preparation of the”14th Five-Year” fishery development plan. Compile and publish the”Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Fishery Development in Guizhou Province” to guide local fishery administrative departments to compile the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Fishery Development at the city and county levels to ensure the high-quality development of Guizhou’s ecological fisheries during the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan Make a good start and start well, and continue to promote the effective connection of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.
  2. Strictly implement the”10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River” and daily law enforcement and supervision
   (6) Provide employment assistance to fishermen who retreat from the Yangtze River. Strengthen the guidance for green development of the aquaculture industry in the Yangtze River Basin, and develop large-scale ecological fisheries, integrated rice-fishing cultivation, and pond aquaculture in accordance with local conditions. Intensify training, improve the level of organization of fishermen, and encourage fishermen to engage in fishery-related industries such as aquatic product processing and recreational fishery. Connecting marine fishery production and employment, and creating conditions for fishermen who are willing to engage in marine fishery production in the Yangtze River retreating fishing.
  (7) Severely crack down on illegal fishing. Carry out the”China Fishery Policy Bright Sword 2021″ operation in Guizhou Province, organize and implement special law enforcement actions such as fishing ban law enforcement, aquatic wildlife protection, fishing”three noes” ships and”extreme household nets” cleaning up and banning, and cracking down on electric fish. Focus on strengthening the clean-up and rectification of fishing”three noes” ships and illegal fishing gear in the Yangtze River Basin, implement the system of on-duty and rewarded reporting in key waters in the Yangtze River Basin, carry out open and unannounced visits, and cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on the production and sales of electric fishing equipment and”no household nets” to eliminate Hidden dangers of illegal fishing.
  (8) Strengthen the capacity building of fishery administration and law enforcement. Implement the new”Administrative Punishment Law” and”Fisheries Administration Law Enforcement Work Regulations (Interim)”, standardize the fishery administration law enforcement case-handling procedures, and ensure fair and civilized law enforcement. Strengthen the management of fishery law enforcement qualifications, organize activities to enhance the capacity of the province’s fishery law enforcement backbone personnel, and improve the quality of the fishery law enforcement team. Strengthen the modernization and informatization of fishery law enforcement equipment in the province, strengthen the equipment of fishery administration boats, video surveillance, drones and other information law enforcement equipment, give full play to the advantages of”technical defense + civil defense”, and guarantee the”10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River” convoy.
   (9) Do a good job in fishery production safety. Strictly implement the requirements of the”Three-year Action Work Plan for the Special Rectification of Fishery Production Safety in the Province”, carry out centralized rectification of fishery safety production, increase fishery safety warning education, organize fishery safety emergency drills and create a”safe fishery demonstration county”. Strengthen fishery risk prevention and emergency response.
  3. Continue to strengthen aquatic wildlife protection and water ecological restoration
   (10) Strengthen the protection of aquatic wildlife. In accordance with the adjusted”List of National Key Protected Wild Animals”, aquatic wildlife protection publicity work was carried out through multiple channels, strengthened the administrative license management and law enforcement supervision of newly listed aquatic wildlife under national first and second level protection, and strictly implemented the”Wildlife” The Animal Protection Law and the Regulations on the Implementation of Aquatic Wildlife Protection prohibit hunting, trading, transportation, and consumption of aquatic wildlife, and severe penalties are imposed on violations of the regulations.
   (11) Strengthen the conservation of aquatic biological resources. Strengthen the supervision of multiplication and release activities to ensure the quantity and effect of multiplication and release. Regulate social release and release activities, and strictly prohibit the release of foreign varieties, hybrid varieties, genetically modified varieties, and other aquatic species that do not meet ecological requirements into natural waters to ensure the ecological safety of the waters. Strictly implement the requirements of the ecological red line, and severely crack down on illegal activities that damage the aquatic biological resources and the ecological environment in the aquatic germplasm resources protection zone, such as illegal fishing projects and private fishing and excessive fishing. Carry out aquatic wildlife protection science popularization activities, and hold a series of synchronous activities on the national”fish release day” to create a good atmosphere of care and support for the protection of aquatic organisms by the whole society.
  Four. Vigorously promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary fishery industries
   (12) Promote the development of large water surface ecological fishery. Implement the”Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Large-Surface Ecological Fisheries” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other three bureaus, cultivate and strengthen the main body of surface ecological fisheries, accelerate the preparation of large-scale water planning, and use large-surface ecological fisheries as the fulcrum and springboard for the development of industrial integration , Extend the development of aquatic product processing, circulation and recreational fishery, and realize the integrated development of the fishery industry.
   (13) Pay attention to the construction of aquatic product processing and circulation. Support the construction of cold chain logistics and distribution centers, encourage enterprises to improve the deep processing of famous and special aquatic products such as sturgeon and giant salamander, expand the processing scale, improve processing quality, build a deep processing base for aquatic products, and promote the export of Guiyu.
   (14) Accelerate the development of recreational fisheries. Combining resource conditions and the characteristics of fishery production, develop a lake and reservoir recreational fishery demonstration base integrating tourism, fishing, catering, competitions, and fish release, and a rice field integrating folk custom experience, fishing, sightseeing, fishing, catering, and leisure according to local conditions. Recreational fishery demonstration base construction.
   (15) Strengthen brand building. Carry out a series of publicity activities for the”Guishui Qianyu” public brand across the province, carry out the”Qianhu Brand” brand publicity activities in Guiyang City, carry out the”Daohuayu” brand publicity activities in Qiandongnan Prefecture, and develop the”Daohuayu” brand publicity activities in Qianxinan Prefecture.”Guizhou Lake Kuyu” brand promotion activities. Gradually build a trinity brand system of”public brand + regional brand + corporate product brand and trademark”.
  5. Strengthen the construction of a support system for high-quality fishery development
   (16) Strengthen infrastructure construction. Accelerate the construction of a modern seed industry base with enterprises as the main body, base as the basis, integration of production, education and research, and”integration of breeding, reproduction, and promotion”. The establishment of high-standard aquatic original seed farms will improve the quality and coverage of aquatic seedlings. , Guanling, Qinglong and other counties have built a batch of high-standard seed breeding bases. Build a large-scale aquatic product comprehensive wholesale market in Guiyang City.
   (17) Strengthen scientific and technological service support. Increase support for ecological fishery scientific research projects, encourage scientific and technological innovation, introduction of results, and strengthen scientific and technological demonstration applications and promotion. Do a good job in the development and utilization of local indigenous fish, and select species with high economic value to market. In lake and reservoir ecological fishery, integrated rice fishery planting and breeding, facility fishery, healthy sturgeon breeding, seed breeding, breeding tail water treatment and aquatic product processing, we will focus on solving a number of”stuck neck” technical problems. Strengthen the training of leading talents in fishery science and technology, strengthen the construction of grassroots fishery technical personnel, increase the training of enterprises, cooperatives and other business entities, and comprehensively improve the ability of fishery employees in the province.
   (18) Cultivate and strengthen the business entity. Improve the level of scale, standardization and branding of ecological fishery enterprises, cultivate and expand a number of provincial-level leading enterprises, especially focusing on cultivating 1-2 regulated enterprises; vigorously promote the”leading enterprise + cooperative + farmer” organization method; Focusing on the development needs of the entire ecological fishery industry chain, we will focus on introducing a group of influential leading fishery companies to continuously strengthen the main body of ecological fishery operations.
   (19) Speed ​​up the construction of fishery informatization. Promote the construction of”Internet + Aquatic Products” smart fishery, equipped with facilities and equipment such as security, online water quality monitoring, oxygenation, and intelligent feeding systems; build a fishery information platform for remote disease diagnosis, disease forecasting, and quality and safety traceability.