Norway revises salmon farming license policy and cancels development license
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   The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries will implement a new aquaculture license policy in the summer of 2021, suspend the issuance of”development licenses” and replace them with other forms of certificates.

   In order to encourage technological innovation in aquaculture, the Norwegian government has issued a variety of special aquaculture certificates in recent years, including”development permits”. These special certificates account for 192,719 tons of aquaculture biomass, which is equivalent to 20%of Norway’s aquaculture biomass. .
   Norwegian Fisheries Minister Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen said:“I think it is time to carefully review those farming facilities that have issued special permits. The growth of the Norwegian aquaculture industry should be achieved mainly through traffic light systems. In order to increase production in areas with the least number of fish and fish, and areas with frequent disease incidence, the amount of seedlings must be controlled.”
   The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries stated that the special permit system has been implemented for 17 years and has not been revised yet. In the fall of 2020, 30 Norwegian producers spent 6 billion kronor bidding for aquaculture licenses, using the traffic light system, while special licenses do not require any fees.
  ”The traffic light system maintains the environmental sustainability of the industry and promotes predictable output growth. We must now consider how special permits operate within a comprehensive, predictable and sustainable system.” Ingebrigtsen said, special permits The application channel for the license is immediately closed, and the application that has been submitted will be processed by the Fisheries Bureau.