Nongken Rice Series Group Standards Seminar was held in Beijing
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   On March 17, 2021, the Agricultural Reclamation Rice Series Group Standards Seminar was held in Beijing Desheng Hotel. Wang Linchang, Second Inspector and Director of Industrial Development Division, Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman of China National Agricultural Reclamation Trade and Circulation Association Secretary-General Li Guozhi, as well as experts from the national rice industry, relevant reclamation areas and heads of agricultural reclamation enterprises, attended the seminar. The meeting was chaired by Wang Linchang.
   At the meeting, Wang Linchang introduced the main purpose of the seminar to the participants. He said that in order to speed up the formulation and release of the series of high-quality rice planting specifications for agricultural reclamation, promote the implementation of the series of group standards for the agricultural reclamation rice, and improve the quality of the agricultural rice The Three Reclamation Area”Rice Planting Technical Regulations” (Approval Draft) will be discussed. After the meeting, the writing groups will adjust according to the revised opinions to form a draft for approval, and arrange relevant pilots and project reclamation areas to speed up the implementation and formulation of the”Nongshen Rice Planting Technical Regulations” in this reclamation area. , Implement the publicity and implementation of rice group standards and on-site guidance services. He pointed out that the rice standard work has been included in the No. 1 document of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2021, which reflects the importance and urgency of the rice group standard work. The relevant reclamation area authorities should promote the high-yield and high-quality rice as the principle to accelerate the implementation of the rice group in the reclamation area. Standard publication and publicity work.
   At the meeting, the participating experts discussed the name, scope and content of the”Rice Cultivation Technical Regulations” (Approval Draft) in Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Jiangsu Three Reclamation Areas, and proposed amendments. According to the work arrangement of the Bureau of Agricultural Reclamation, the Director of China National Agricultural Reclamation Economic Development Center Han Xuejun formulated the”Key Work Plan for the Publicity and Implementation of the 2021 Agricultural Reclamation Rice Series Group Standards and Field Guidance Services” and explained it in detail for everyone. Wang Linchang divided the work on the revision and improvement of the group standards after the meeting and the publicity and implementation, and divided the time nodes. It is planned that the association will publicly release the group standards of the”Rice Cultivation Technical Regulations for Agricultural Reclamation Areas” in Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Jiangsu Sanken Districts on March 26 .
   Finally, Wang Linchang expressed his gratitude to the experts who participated in the seminar, the experts who participated in the compilation of group standards, and the members of the Association’s Group Standardization Committee. He hoped that with the joint efforts of the Bureau of Land Reclamation, the Association, and the reclamation areas, the Rice Reclamation Group The standard construction work can progress smoothly and achieve good results.