Nescafe launches Sakura Souffle Latte ready-to-drink coffee
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   On March 4, 2021, Nescafe ready-to-drink series silky latte launched a new product-spring limited cherry souffle latte, important in the ready-to-drink coffee market The new spring season made a shining blow.

   The domestic ready-to-drink coffee market has been heating up in recent years. According to Euromonitor International, the domestic ready-to-drink coffee market is expected to exceed 14.9 billion yuan in 2021, showing strong development situation. In addition, the Chinese coffee market is also one of the most innovative markets in the world. With clear consumption upgrades, consumer demand for both beverage taste and derivative experience has become a new trend. In terms of taste, the cherry blossom plum flavored latte launched by Nestlé Coffee Silky Latte in the spring of 2020 has dispelled the haze in people’s hearts at the peak of the epidemic. Once launched, it has won the love and positive response of consumers. This year’s silky latte once again breaks through the tradition to innovate the taste, creating the richness of cherry blossoms and the dessert flavor of Soufflé. The packaging bottle is a recyclable packaging. As a key sales season for ready-to-drink coffee, the Nescafe Silky Latte series looks forward to bringing consumers the unique and fresh experience of spring by creating different flavors every spring.

  From the perspective of upgrading the consumer experience, the Nescafe Sakura Souffle Latte and the Japan Illustration Association Gold Award artist Kiuchi Tatsuro will be co-branded, from the product appearance design to the artist’s co-branding Sakura A series of limited peripheral gifts, the interior design of the cherry blossom season in subways and supermarkets, etc., create a spring cherry atmosphere for consumers in every detail of life, bringing a series of aesthetic and diversified consumer feelings, improving The added value of the product and the degree of social topicality. Kiu Nai Dalang’s design is full of real life and beautiful appeal. It is inspired by the cherry blossom Soufflé latte, so he incorporates various healing elements in the design; the silky latte also invites Japanese masters The advertising director Sayaka Ichikawa personally took the shot and filmed the process of Kiu Nai Dalang’s creation and packaging into a documentary, so that consumers can experience this beautiful artistic creation process from the spiritual dimension, and further bless this new product.

   In addition, Nestlé recently established a product innovation center focusing on liquid beverages and dairy products in Lacey, Qingdao. Sakura Soufflé Latte is the first new product developed and launched one. In recent years, Nestle Coffee has entered a”blowout” innovation stage for the Chinese market, meeting the individual needs of different people in rich life scenes with diversified tastes, and building each rich and cool daily. Since entering the Chinese market in the 1980s, Nescafe has gradually cultivated the habit of drinking coffee among Chinese people. In the field of ready-to-drink coffee, Nestlé occupies a leading position with its outstanding performance. At the same time, as a company that regards sustainable development as its core development strategy, Nestlé has formulated clear and strict environmental protection requirements in its overall business development. At present, all bottles of Nestlé’s ready-to-drink coffee series are made of recyclable materials.

  In the post-epidemic era, He Wenlong, Senior Vice President of Nestlé’s Coffee Business in Greater China, said:“Nestlé believes that high-quality food and beverages have the potential to enhance the quality of life and empower life. In particular, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide people all over the world with trusted food, beverages and health solutions. This time Nestlé ready-to-drink coffee launches Sakura Souffle Latte, and we also look forward to it being able to bring consumers Come to the comfort of the soul, and better appreciate the spring breath of cherry blossoms.”