Modern Dairy Dairy Industry Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University was established
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   On the afternoon of March 3, the signing ceremony of Modern Dairy Dairy Industry Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University was held in Bengbu Ranch of Modern Dairy Group. Ding Yanfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of our school, Guo Peng, Deputy Mayor of Bengbu City, and Gao Lina, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Modern Animal Husbandry Group attended the meeting.

   Ding Yanfeng gave a speech at the meeting. On behalf of Nanjing Agricultural University, he thanked Bengbu City and Modern Animal Husbandry Group for their affirmation and support of the school, and briefly introduced the school’s disciplines and scientific research. And the basic situation of social services. Three suggestions were put forward for the construction and development of the research institute. One is to fully focus on the main goals of the group in recent years, focusing on five key points in quality traceability, digital construction, refined breeding, disease prevention and control of dairy cattle breeding, and improved breeding assistance. Work hard under the goal, condense forward-looking, pioneering, and feasible scientific research projects, and formulate practical scientific research plans. The second is to give full play to the role of the”demonstration zone” serving the local area, and to improve the school’s popularity and reputation in the local and industrial circles through the contribution of the research institute to serve the industry. The third is to give full play to the role of”new heights” in the transformation of scientific research, and promote the cross integration of different disciplines of the school. Focusing on the green recycling industry chain of”forage planting-dairy farming-manure treatment-biogas power generation-manure returning to the field”, more teams from schools should be introduced to solve the diversified and systematic problems of enterprises, and cooperation should be strengthened to strive for practical results.

   Guo Peng said that as a top 500 enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Modern Dairy has always been a benchmark enterprise in modern dairy farming, leading the industry. As a key agricultural university in the country, Nanjing Agricultural University has strong strengths in the fields of agriculture and life sciences and has obvious advantages in talents. In recent years, Bengbu has cooperated closely with South Agricultural University. Today’s successful signing also marks the sublimation of the cooperation between Bengbu and South Agricultural University. The strong alliance between Modern Animal Husbandry and Southern Agricultural University will surely exert the effect of 1+1>2. Bengbu City will spare no effort to support the cooperation between Southern Agricultural University and local enterprises.

   Gao Lina said that the dairy industry is an indispensable industry for a healthy China and a strong nation. As a pioneer in the industry, Modern Animal Husbandry sticks to its original aspirations, inherits ingenuity, and boosts Confidence, adhere to the cross policy of “standards, principles, implementation, details, and efficiency”. As the industry’s Whampoa Military Academy and Modern Animal Husbandry, they attach importance to the development of talents, recruit industry experts, pay attention to the output of talents, fully implement the talent plan, and value and promote the school Enterprise cooperation.

Chen Wei, Director of Social Cooperation Division, and Han Chunlin, Vice President of Modern Animal Husbandry Group, signed a research institute construction agreement. Professor Shen Xiangzhen and Vice President Han Chunlin of the School of Medicine were hired respectively He is the Dean and Deputy Dean of the Institute.

   Modern Animal Husbandry Group, as the largest dairy farming and raw milk production enterprise in China, has 26 ranches with a scale of 10,000 heads across the country, with 250,000 dairy cows in stock every year. It produces 1.5 million tons of fresh milk. The school-enterprise cooperation between our school and Modern Animal Husbandry Group took the opportunity of jointly establishing a research institute, through mutual support, complementary advantages, and mutual use of resources, to provide strong professional support and high-quality talent guarantee for accelerating the development of the dairy industry.