Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs deploys spring crop seed market inspection
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  本网 News To ensure the safety of seeds used in agricultural production, on March 1, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a notice to deploy spring crop seed market inspections nationwide. The notice requires severely cracking down on illegal activities such as counterfeiting and infringement, production and sale of fake and inferior seeds, strengthen intellectual property protection, and ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the spring seed market, and the safety and security of seed supply.

   The notice pointed out that all localities should highlight the key points of inspection, the main producing areas of early rice in southern China should strictly control the quality of seeds, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong and other places should focus on inspections of imported seeds. . The notice emphasizes that it is necessary to implement the”double random and one open” regulatory requirements, and carry out cross-regional and cross-departmental joint inspections in accordance with the actual situation; strictly implement the prescribed procedures, standardize sampling, recording and evidence collection, and properly retain the evidence and information to ensure the evidence chain Complete; report inspection results in a timely manner, increase penalties, and disclose information as required.

  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will notify the spring inspections, commend the provinces that are doing better, and promote typical cases.