Maintaining a fair competition market order-Jilin Provincial Market Supervision Department launched a series of special enforcement actions”Thunder”
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   On March 4, the Jilin Provincial Market Supervision Department issued the”Notice on the Provincial Market Supervision System to Launch the”Thunder 2021″ Series of Special Enforcement Actions”, deploying market supervision departments at all levels from now to the end of the year, within the province Carry out special enforcement actions in three areas:food safety, product quality and safety, and intellectual property rights.
  Notification emphasized
  Market supervision departments at all levels carry out on-site inspections on key areas and key subjects, and conduct targeted random inspections on key categories of food that may have illegal additions, heavy metals, and pathogenic microorganisms that exceed the safety standards, such as exceeding the safety standards; strengthen; Information data collection, analysis and judgment in the e-commerce field, investigation of foods with more online complaints; unblocked complaints and reporting channels, implemented reporting incentives, mobilized the masses extensively, and timely grasped and unearthed a batch of illegal and criminal clues.
  Notification submitted
  Market supervision departments at all levels must do their best to serve the overall market supervision, focusing on key consumer products such as fertilizers and other agricultural products, children’s products, automobiles, electric bicycles, gasoline and diesel and other industrial products, severely crack down on product quality and safety violations, and severely investigate and punish violations Violating bad companies and”black dens” will effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, strive to create a safe and secure consumption environment, and improve the people’s sense of security and satisfaction with product quality.
  Notification requirements
  Market supervision departments at all levels shall carry out special enforcement actions against key commodities and key markets with high incidence of infringement, and severely investigate and deal with a batch of trademark infringements, unlicensed printing of registered trademark signs, counterfeit agricultural products, characteristic geographical indications, and unauthorized actions. Use the official logos of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, counterfeiting patents and other illegal activities, severely crack down on malicious applications that are not used for the purpose, and apply for trademark registration by deception or other improper means, and combat malicious related to the new crown pneumonia epidemic Application behavior and agency behavior. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders, rectify and standardize the order of the market economy.
   In the next step, the Provincial Market Supervision Department will also set up a special working group to inspect the implementation of special law enforcement actions in three areas, and guide all localities to focus on investigating a batch of infringements on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, disrupting the order of fair competition in the market, and affecting social stability Of the cases, we will do our best to serve the healthy development of the society and economy.