Luohe City Market Supervision Bureau’s”Spring Thunder Operation” won the first battle:3 business businesses were exposed
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   On February 25th, Luohe City Market Supervision Bureau held a “2021 Spring Thunder Action” work deployment meeting to combat counterfeiting and infringement. The city’s market supervision system responded quickly and acted quickly. Carry out a dragnet investigation. Up to now, the city’s system has dispatched a total of 739 law enforcement personnel, investigated 1,268 business owners, found 63 problem clues, and filed 25 cases. The”Spring Thunder Operation” has achieved initial results. In order to deter and curb the illegal and criminal activities of producing and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, the three typical cases investigated and handled are reported as follows:

  Case 1:Suspected of making and selling counterfeit”Jiaduobao” packaging and decorating beverages

The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau received a report from the public that Luohe Jiaduobao Beverage Co., Ltd. was suspected of producing counterfeit”Jadobao” beverages. The law enforcement detachment arranged for the first time and dispatched more than 20 law enforcement officers to Henan Zhengji Beverage Co., Ltd. located in the Dongcheng Industrial Cluster of Zhaoling District for inspection. The inspection found that the company’s warehouse contained a beverage outer packaging box with the word”bao” printed with the words”producer:Luohe Jiaduobao Beverage Co., Ltd., and manufacturer:Henan Zhengji Beverage Co., Ltd.”. A small amount of canned”V Bao” Zhengji herbal tea plant beverage was found in the company’s production workshop and sample room, but no complete box inventory was found. Law enforcement officers seized a total of 3,540 beverage packaging boxes with the word”bao” on the spot, sent 4 batches of Zhengji beverages produced by the company for inspection, and sealed up the company’s two production lines. Based on the evidence materials, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will further deal with the enterprise in accordance with Article 57, Paragraph 3 of the Trademark Law.

   Case 2:Luohe RT-Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. Sales of Expired Food Case

   On February 27, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau received a report from consumers that Luohe RT-Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. sold expired food. The law enforcement detachment quickly arranged law enforcement officers to inspect Luohe RT-Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. on the first floor of Changjian Plaza, Renmin Road, Luohe City. After investigation, Luohe RT-Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. sold”returning customers” Xiaofule hand-teared stick sandwich bread on February 26, 2021 and February 27, 2021, as expired food. 16 bags were sold on February 26, 349 bags were sold on the 27th, 2 bags were cleared, 2 bags were damaged, 120 bags were seized, and the total value of the goods was 3814.2 yuan. His behavior violated Article 34, Item 10 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. Currently, the case is being processed.

  Case 3:New Mart a merchant selling moldy fried chicken legs

   On February 23, the Yuanhui Branch of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau received a complaint from consumers saying that it was purchased on the negative first floor of Luohe Xinmart Supermarket in the afternoon of the 22nd. The food”fried chicken legs” in China showed spoilage and mildew, and law enforcement officers were required to investigate and deal with it. The Yuanhui Branch of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau immediately assigned law enforcement officers to the supermarket to conduct investigations and collect evidence. After investigation:”Mengchang Braised Pork Ju cooked food business store in Yuanhui District, Luohe City, the operator Guo Moufang, is operating cooked food in the self-operated area on the first floor of Luohe New Mart Supermarket, and he has a small food business license. In the process of operating fried chicken drumsticks, Moufang improperly stored food, which caused the internal mold of the fried chicken drumsticks. On the afternoon of the 22nd, consumer Ms. Kong bought 5 fried chicken drumsticks at the business point. The family members experienced discomfort after eating, which was carefully identified as moldy. Chicken legs.” The Yuanhui Branch of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, in accordance with Article 44 of the Regulations on the Management of Small Food Workshops, Small Business Stores and Small Stalls in Henan Province, made against the operator Guo Moufang:”Confiscating corrupted and spoiled food, fined 100,000 yuan The top penalties”. According to Article 51, the market organizer Luohe Xinmart Shopping Co., Ltd. was fined 30,000 yuan for failing to perform food inspection obligations.

The relevant person in charge of the    City Market Supervision Bureau stated that he will continue to increase supervision and law enforcement, and severely crack down on violations of consumer rights and the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods. Deepen the effectiveness of the”2021 Spring Thunder Action” cracking down on counterfeiting and infringement, and earnestly maintain market order and stability.