Love Youth League? Look at the results of the sampling
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   Tomb-sweeping Festival is coming soon. As a traditional food, the quality and safety of the Youth League has been receiving wide attention. In order to effectively prevent food safety risks and ensure the safety of citizens’ consumption, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has recently conducted random inspections on the youth leagues in the city’s production and operation. The results of the random inspections are hereby notified as follows:
   A total of 80 samples of various youth leagues were sampled in the city, including 20 for production enterprises and 60 for retail units such as supermarkets and food stores. The samples involved many brands produced by enterprises in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places, such as”Xinghualou”,”Shen Dacheng”,”Qiaojiazha”,”Gongdelin” and”Lao Dafang”, etc., according to GB 2760-2014″Food Safety National Standard for the Use of Food Additives” standards, residual sulfur dioxide, benzoic acid and its sodium salt (calculated as benzoic acid), sorbic acid and its potassium salt (calculated as sorbic acid), dehydroacetic acid and its sodium salt (calculated as 4 indicators such as hydrogen acetic acid) were tested, and the results showed that all 80 samples met the relevant food safety standards, and the qualified rate of supervision and random inspection was 100%.
  Sampling product information is shown in the attached table.
  Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration
   March 30, 2021
Love Youth League? Look at the results of the samplingimage