Leveraging on the”China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement”, the export of Xinghua chives is improving
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  In the early spring, the shallot growers in Duotian Street, Xinghua City, Taizhou are eagerly picking up shallots in the fields. In the production workshop of Jiangsu Xingye Food Co., Ltd. not far away, spring onions are overflowing. Fresh spring onions just harvested from the field are sent here. After washing, blanching, and vacuum freeze-drying, they become local villagers. Our”heart treasure” has moved to the”international stage”.

  ”At the beginning of March, the China-EU Geographical Indication Agreement formally came into effect. The first batch of 100 Chinese Geographical Indication products will be protected with immediate effect. Xinghua shallots are the sole representative of Taizhou. Was selected.” Zhao Minghua, Section Chief of the First Section of Inspection and Inspection of Taizhou Customs under Nanjing Customs, introduced, “According to the “China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement”, Xinghua shallots will have the right to use the EU’s official certification mark after entering the EU market. Occupation rate and further consumer recognition are very helpful.”

  ”The China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement has come into effect. We are more confident in expanding the EU market steadily.” said Shan Yanqin, chairman of Jiangsu Xingye Food Co., Ltd.

  Taizhou Xinghua area is the country’s largest dehydrated vegetable processing and sales distribution center, with more than 30 export vegetable record-keeping enterprises, 17 export vegetable record-keeping bases, and a record area of ​​nearly 3 Ten thousand acres. As a leading export product, Xinghua shallots continue to exert their quality and brand advantages to drive the export of many varieties of dehydrated vegetables such as cabbage and carrots. In 2020, the export value will exceed 100 million US dollars.

   In order to allow dehydrated vegetables led by Xinghua shallots to”go abroad” faster and better, Taizhou Customs guides enterprises to establish and improve quality control systems and improve self-inspection Self-control capacity building, combined with official random inspections, safety risk monitoring, verification and other methods to strictly observe the bottom line of export quality and safety, and timely issue various inspection and quarantine certificates required for export customs clearance for enterprises to ensure rapid export of goods.

  ”Since this year, Taizhou’s exports of dried onion vegetables have reached 105 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.5%. Stimulated by the”China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement” , Local export companies have successively approached EU orders, and the export trend will be more obvious.” Zhao Minghua said.