Letter on Soliciting Opinions on Local Standards in Jiangxi Province of”Regulations for the Management of Rural Collective Meals”
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All relevant units and experts:
   The local standards of the”Regulations for the Management of Group Meals in Rural Areas” have been drafted for solicitation of comments. All relevant units and experts are welcome to review the standards and return to specific amendments before April 8, 2021.
  Review Center Contact:Chen Chaofan, Liu Lei
  Tel:0791-85773380 E-mail:[email protected]
  Contact person of drafting unit:Hu Zhaojun
  Contact number:15170064842
  Address:Jiangxi Provincial Standard Technology Review Center, No. 1899, Jinsha 2nd Road, Nanchang County (opposite to Liantang No. 3 Middle School, 12-14 floors).
   March 8, 2021