Leshan Issued the”First Order” of Administrative Punishment in”Yangtze River Protection Law”
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   Since Leshan City launched the”Spring Thunder 2021″ and cold chain logistics epidemic prevention and control law enforcement action on December 15 last year, the city’s market supervision departments have adopted the theme of”prevention and control of chaos, ensuring safety, improving quality, improving quality, and promoting development” , The “6+1” special action was carried out in a solid manner, a batch of cases were investigated and dealt with strictly and sternly and quickly, effectively rectifying all kinds of market chaos, and enhancing the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security. A number of typical cases have been exposed one after another.
   On March 15, 2021, after receiving the report, the Mabian County Market Supervision Bureau united with the County Public Security Bureau and County Agriculture and Rural Bureau law enforcement officers to inspect a night snack shop in Mabian County. Thirteen bags of frozen items suspected of wild fish were found in the freezer of the store’s kitchen. According to the operator, the item was slaughtered and frozen wild”mayu”, which was used to make”mayu soup” for external sales. The menu was also printed on the store’s menu. It has the words”Meat Fish Soup 98 yuan/piece”. Because the parties concerned were unable to provide the proof of the source of the above-mentioned frozen”snakes”, inspection and quarantine reports and other supporting materials, the Mabian County Market Supervision Bureau adopted administrative compulsory measures to detain the frozen”snakes” in accordance with the law.
   According to investigations, the parties involved have purchased Mabianhe wild small fish (commonly known as”mayuer”) to make”mayu soup” for external sales since it opened in 2014. The”mayu” involved in the case was the party involved in 2021. When I went to Mabian Zhangba Farmer’s Market to buy ingredients on October 10, I bought it from an unknown villager (an investigation in another case). According to the seller, the”mabian” was caught in Mabian River on January 9, 2021. After the slaughter, the seller will pay at the price of 100.00 yuan/kg. A total of 6.5 kg was purchased for 650.00 yuan. After buying back, pack it in plastic bags according to the standard of 250g/bag and put it in the freezer in the kitchen of the store. From February 17, 2021, use the material to make”mayu soup” on demand, and sell each”mayu soup”.”Contains 250 grams of”mayu”. Appraised by the Leshan Aquatic Products Station, the scientific name of the “ma fish” sold by the party concerned, Bei’s Plateau Loach, is mainly distributed in the Sichuan Basin and various river sections in the mountainous area around the basin. It is a wild river fish. After investigation, from the formal implementation of the Yangtze River Protection Law on March 1, 2021 to the date of seizure, the parties involved sold a total of 6 copies of”mayu soup” in this way, with a price of 98.00 yuan per copy and a sales amount of 588.00 yuan.
  In the case that the market supervision department has visited the shops of the parties concerned to promote the Yangtze River ban on fishing, and has repeatedly supervised the food business WeChat group in the Mabian market and emphasized that the operators cannot buy, process, and sell illegal catches, Mabian The County Market Supervision Bureau determined that the party’s act of still buying the illegally caught fish for processing and sales during the ban is knowingly and deliberately, and should be punished severely in accordance with the law. On March 23, 2021, the Mabian County Market Supervision Bureau ordered the party concerned to correct the illegal behavior according to law, and made the act 1. confiscate 13 bags of frozen”ma fish” 3.25Kg; 2. confiscate illegal income of RMB 588.00; 3. fined 31654.00 The total amount of fines and confiscated is RMB 32,242.
   This case is the first case in which the market supervision department of Leshan City has applied the law to impose administrative penalties since the”Yangtze River Protection Law” came into effect on March 1 this year. It is also the province’s market supervision department that has applied the”Yangtze River Protection Law” so far. The case with the largest amount of administrative penalty fines.