Leshan City”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ media briefing held
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   On March 24th, Leshan City’s”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ and cold chain logistics epidemic prevention and control law enforcement action media briefing was held at the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. The briefing was chaired by Lai Shengli, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. Li Jianzhong, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Wang Quan, Security Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Tan Xudong, Chief Engineer of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and Zhang Liping, Director of the Municipal Intellectual Property Center attended the briefing and informed the media about the sub-actions of”Spring Thunder 2021″ Development situation. Sichuan Online, Sichuan Economic Daily, Leshan TV, Leshan News, Leshan Radio, Leshan Daily and other media were invited to participate in the briefing.
   It is reported that from December 15, 2020 to March 31, 2021, the Leshan City Market Supervision Bureau will carry out the”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ throughout the city and the unified deployment of”Cold Chain Logistics Epidemic Prevention and Control” throughout the province ,”Intellectual property’escort'”,”Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain”,”Special equipment safety elimination and elimination”,”Fighting rural counterfeit and inferior food”,”Epidemic prevention and control drug quality safety” 6 law enforcement sub-actions Based on the actual situation, one self-selected rectification content of”Consumer Quality Safety” has been determined. The district and county market supervision departments have also determined their own optional sub-actions such as”special rectification of the medical beauty industry”,”renovation of the tourism consumer market environment”, and”price reduction and benefiting the people’s law enforcement action” based on actual conditions. As of mid-March, the city has filed and investigated 854 cases with a value of 22,612,100 yuan and fines of 4,381,300 yuan. Among them, 128 major cases were filed for investigation and prosecution, and 5 cases were transferred to and filed by the judicial organs, further giving full play to the market. Regulatory departments play an important role in strengthening the prevention and control of cold chain logistics epidemics, optimizing the business environment, serving economic development, and safeguarding people’s livelihood safety.
  The briefing meeting pointed out that since the launch of the action, the city’s market supervision system has adhered to the work idea of ​​“investigating one case, warning one group, educating one group, and standardizing one piece”, highlighting the key and key points, strengthening market supervision, and investigating and punishing market violations. Combining behaviors and warnings to educate operators, guide consumers, standardize the market order of the industry, strictly investigate market chaos, severely punish illegal criminals, form an effective deterrent atmosphere, effectively maintain market order and stability, and effectively ensure consumer safety. Up to now, the city has dispatched 21,324 law enforcement personnel, inspected 35011 various market entities, rectified 313 key areas, accepted 1,394 consumer complaints and reports, and recovered more than 734,000 yuan in economic losses for consumers. Carried out 189 times of departmental cooperation in law enforcement, and carried out 130 times of administrative guidance and administrative interviews.
   At the meeting, the progress of the”6+1″ law enforcement action and some typical cases investigated and dealt with during the action were also notified, and combined with market inspections and social concerns, the safety of purchasing imported cold chain food and medical equipment was announced. Notes.
  In the cold chain logistics epidemic prevention and control action, the focus is on imported cold chain foods, through improving the working mechanism, strengthening the promotion and application of the”Chuan Cold Chain” platform, carrying out nucleic acid testing, and implementing the responsibility system of centralized supervision warehouses and cold storage heads , Improve emergency response capabilities, strengthen publicity and guidance, and strive to prevent the spread of the new crown virus through cold chain food, and effectively protect the health and life of the people. A total of 14,000 cold chain food business units were inspected, more than 800 hidden dangers were rectified, 42 cases were investigated, and 40,700 fines were confiscated.
  In the “escort” action of intellectual property rights, a list of measures to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in Leshan City was issued. Through the establishment of special funds for intellectual property protection and IP rights protection assistance workstations for key enterprises, the intellectual property protection mechanism was innovated and strengthened. It protects trademark exclusive rights and foreign-related intellectual property rights, rectifies illegal and chaotic phenomena in the patent field, and combats unfair competition infringement of trade secrets. A total of 62 key markets have been inspected, more than 1,600 business households have been inspected, 103 cases have been investigated, and 425,100 fines have been imposed.
  In the “Yangtze River Ban on Catching and Breaking the Link”, the State Administration for Market Regulation’s “eight prohibitions” were strictly implemented, focusing on aquatic product wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, and the catering industry, and taking multiple measures to crack down on illegal market sales. The illegal act of fishing catches. Accumulatively inspected more than 30,000 households of market entities, investigated 19 cases, fined 125,700 yuan, cleaned up 210 store signs, menu dishes, and irregular advertising behaviors, monitored 12,038 outdoor advertisements, and more than 24,070 online platform information, and deleted them in time Shielding 83 pieces of illegal transaction information.
  In the fight against counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, we adhere to the “four strictest” and focus on the outstanding problems and weak links in rural food safety. We use rural fairs, food wholesale markets, small restaurants, campus areas, and food production Small processing workshops will focus on foods with non-edible substances, foods that do not meet safety standards,”three noes”,”cottages”, inferior and expired foods, etc., to ensure the”tip of the safety” of consumers. A total of more than 12,000 market entities of various types were inspected, 228 cases were investigated, and 681,300 fines were confiscated.
  In the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control of medical equipment safety actions, focusing on densely populated areas, urban-rural junctions, township drug retail stores and medical institutions, rectify and standardize the order of drug operation and use, strengthen vaccine quality and safety supervision, and carry out epidemic prevention and control applications Medical device remediation action. A total of more than 1,820 pharmaceutical retail companies, medical institutions, and medical device operators and users have been inspected, and 71 cases have been investigated and dealt with.
  In the consumer quality safety action, focusing on agricultural materials, student supplies, electric heating equipment, automobile safety accessories and other products, we will investigate and rectify the hotspots and difficult issues that the masses have strongly reported, and crack down on the sale of counterfeit and shoddy products.”Three Nos” product illegal behavior, further regulate sales behavior, protect consumption safety, and escort rural revitalization. A total of more than 1,850 market entities were inspected, 361 illegal cases were filed and handled, and 1.6 million yuan was fined and confiscated.
   City Bureau Comprehensive Planning Division, Enforcement Division II, Food Operation Supervision Division, Intellectual Property Division, Special Supervision Division, Medical Device Division, Product Quality Supervision Division, and relevant business division heads attended the briefing.