Jinzhong City Market Supervision Bureau strengthens food safety supervision of online catering services
By: Date: 2021-03-29 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,
In recent years, with the rapid expansion of online meal ordering and the surge in business volume, irregularities such as incomplete licenses and licenses, set of certificates, and out-of-scope operations have continued to occur. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has failed to perform its duties according to the main responsibilities of the platform, and complained about the difficulty of multi-dimensional rights. , Intensify efforts to strengthen the supervision of online catering services. Carry out special inspections on food safety of online catering services every year, organize meal ordering platforms and relevant units to conduct collective talks, and sign food safety commitments. On the one hand, supervise whether branches established by third-party online catering service platform providers and self-built website catering service providers are filed within the prescribed time limit, and fulfill the obligation to review and register online catering service providers; on the other hand, focus on inspections Whether the online catering service provider fulfills the corresponding packaging obligations. In the past two years, 11,862 online catering service providers were inspected, 198 rectification notices were issued, 40 catering service providers offline, and 3 cases were filed with a fine of 15,000 yuan. As of the beginning of November 2020, the city has a total of 23 online catering service third-party platform provider branches and agency cooperation agencies, and 2 self-built websites, all of which have been filed in accordance with the law.