Jingdezhen City Market Supervision Bureau launches spring campus food safety supervision and inspection
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   In order to strengthen the food safety work on campus in spring and effectively guarantee the food safety of teachers and students during the school period, in the first week after the spring semester, Lin Chunjie, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Jingdezhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, led an inspection team to monitor food safety on campuses in the city. Carry out special supervision and inspection. Focus on on-site inspections of 3 college canteens, 2 middle school canteens, 3 primary school canteens, 3 kindergarten canteens and 1 centralized catering unit in our city.
   This supervisory inspection focused on checking whether the business unit has stored expired main and non-staple foods and seasonings, inspecting the purchase of food raw materials, requesting certificates, processing and production processes, sanitation, health of employees, and decontamination of catering utensils. , Food samples, etc. were also checked one by one; emphasized that practitioners must strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements during morning inspections, and truthfully conduct temperature measurement and itinerary registration; and urge schools and operating units to strengthen daily management and focus on strengthening cold Procurement and standardized operation of high-risk foods such as chain foods, stewed products, cakes, green beans, fresh day lily, etc., prohibit the consumption and purchase of wild mushrooms, and strictly prevent the occurrence of food-borne diseases in schools. Regarding the problems discovered during the inspection, the inspectors issued a notice of ordering rectification to the school management, requesting them to rectify within a limited time and report the results level by level.
   Next, the Jingdezhen City Market Supervision Administration will continue to guide the market supervision departments of counties (cities, districts) to strengthen collaboration with education departments at the same level, increase the intensity and frequency of campus food safety inspections, and further urge schools to implement The main responsibility for campus food safety is to ensure accident-free food safety on campus.