Jimei University successfully held the launch meeting for the special topic of the national key research and development plan”Blue Granary Technology Innovation”
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  Recently, the national key research and development plan”Blue Granary Technology Innovation” special”East China Sea Fishery Resources Deep Processing and High-value Utilization Model Demonstration” Project (2020YFD0900900) Topic 4″East Sea Algae Active Product Development and Intelligent Processing Industry Demonstration” ( The project number 2020YFD0900904) kick-off meeting was successfully held in the conference room on the 20th floor of Shang Building, Jimei University. According to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, this launch will take the form of”online + offline”. Professor Deng Shanggui of Zhejiang Ocean University and Professor Wang Shaoyun of Fuzhou University attended the meeting online. Professor Wang Yuanpeng of Xiamen University, Professor Hong Zhuan of the Third Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, and Liu Zhiyu of Fujian Fisheries Research Institute Professor-level senior engineers attended the meeting offline. Professor Li Qingbiao, President and Project Leader of Jimei University, Xiao Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of Scientific Research Office, Professor Ni Hui, Associate Dean of the School of Food and Bioengineering, and three sub-project undertaking units of Jimei University, Fuzhou University and Fujian Lvqi Food Colloid Co., Ltd. The person in charge and some research backbones participated in the meeting.
  Professor Li Qingbiao delivered a speech on behalf of the school and introduced the project implementation plan. He pointed out that the smooth implementation of the national key research and development plan”Blue Granary Technology Innovation” has great practical significance for breaking through and solving the”stuck neck” problem in the development of my country’s fishery industry, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of modern fishery, which is beneficial to support my country’s oceans. Strategy to strengthen the country. He said that the project will be guided by the”Central Finance Technology Plan (Special Projects, Funds, etc.) Performance Evaluation Specification (Trial)” issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the Development and Reform Commission, and adopt an integrated organization and implementation mechanism to mobilize and give full play to the research team. The research and development advantages and autonomy of the company have promoted the smooth implementation and completion of the subject to achieve a breakthrough in the key technology of algae processing compared with developed countries. Associate Professor Sun Lechang from Jimei University, Associate Professor Tian Yongqi from Fuzhou University, Professor Jiang Zedong from Jimei University, and Engineer Hong Qinglin on behalf of Luqi Food Colloid Co., Ltd., respectively, made detailed reports on the implementation plan of each sub-project. The subject advisory expert group listened carefully to the report and pointed out that during the implementation of the entire subject, teamwork should be strengthened, in-depth exploration and focus on key goals, and the output and industrialization of representative results should be accelerated, in order to promote the high-quality development of the fishery industry in the East my country Sea. Make greater contributions, and at the same time put forward specific opinions and suggestions on difficult issues such as the mutual coordination mechanism between the sub-projects, the creation of new products, and the declaration of local and above standards, which effectively promoted the smooth development and implementation of the project. (Text/Picture:Zheng Mingjing)