Jiangxi:Seven departments strike out! The special clean-up and rectification of the health food industry has achieved results!
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  The health food literally gives people a feeling of”replenishment”, and the dazzling health food advertisements are also endless in the market. Consumers can’t help but ask, is it really reliable?

   In order to improve the quality and safety of health food and better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, focus on outstanding issues such as illegal production and operation, fraud and false propaganda, and illegal advertisements in the field of health food Beginning in June 2020, the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has joined forces with the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Provincial Health Commission, and the Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television to focus on 7 key tasks, For 11 major work measures, seven departments organized a special clean-up and rectification action for the health food industry in Jiangxi Province.

Since the launch of the    special clean-up and rectification action, careful arrangements have been made, inter-departmental coordination and coordination have been strengthened, a joint rectification mechanism has been established, supervisory responsibilities have been strictly implemented, and comprehensive law-enforcement-linked inspections have been carried out. Cracking down on health food fraud and false propaganda, unblocking reporting and complaint channels, innovating and expanding propaganda, has formed a good situation of integration, joint crackdown, industry self-discipline, and social governance. So far, Jiangxi Province has dispatched 54125 law enforcement personnel, inspected 276 production entities, inspected 31,171 operating entities, found 1351 problems, ordered 1,403 rectifications, completed 1,291 rectifications, and 7 entities were ordered to suspend production and business operations, and were transferred. 2 judicial cases. The special clean-up and rectification actions have achieved remarkable results.

   In the joint rectification action, all member departments of Jiangxi Province have paid close attention to implementation and actively promoted the rectification work.

   Jiangxi Provincial Propaganda Department

   conducts three-dimensional propaganda and popularization of health food knowledge through various propaganda carriers.

   Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department

  The public security organs combined with the”Kunlun 2020″ special action to severely crack down on illegal crimes in the health food field. A total of 448 food-related criminal cases were filed for investigation, and 684 criminals were arrested, with a total amount of more than 210 million yuan involved.

  Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce

   Conducted a comprehensive investigation of 14 direct selling company branches and 443 service outlets in Jiangxi Province, focusing on whether the direct selling company has any violations of laws and regulations such as false product promotion and consumer fraud behavior.

  Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

   Relying on positions such as the New Era Civilization Practice Center (institute, station) and platforms such as the Jiangxi Province Culture, Science, Technology and Hygiene “Three to the Countryside” activities, and other platforms, vigorously promote health food science popularization .

   Jiangxi Provincial Department of Health

   organizes a series of publicity activities such as the National Nutrition Week and the Elderly Health Promotion Week. Medical institutions actively take advantage of experts to promote traditional Chinese medicine health care, scientific sports and fitness, and food Knowledge of identification and use with health food, medical equipment, etc.

   Jiangxi Provincial Radio and Television Department

   Strengthen the monitoring of radio and television broadcasting agencies and advertisements, carry out the investigation and rectification of illegal medical and health-preserving programs, and issue a total of 3 verification and rectification books, and interview the broadcasting agencies 2 times , Ordered the rectification of the illegal advertisements involving health food 3 times.

   Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Department

   launched a special rectification of health food labels and instructions, focusing on investigating and punishing the labels of foods other than health foods that claim health functions, and behaviors involving disease prevention and treatment functions; severely crack down on health care Food illegal advertising and false propaganda behaviors, strengthened the supervision and inspection of health food production and operation, and investigated and handled 50 illegal cases in the health food field, involving 8.676 million yuan and fines and confiscated 2.155 million yuan.