Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau deploys food safety supervision work in 2021
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   On March 5, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau held a video and telephone conference on food safety supervision in the whole province. The meeting conveyed and implemented the spirit of the relevant meeting, summarized the work in 2020, and deployed the food safety supervision work in 2021. Deputy Director Wang Yue attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Inspector Feng Xinghan II presided over the meeting.
  Wang Yue fully affirmed the results of food safety supervision in our province in 2020. He pointed out that the province’s food safety supervision work firmly establishes the people-centered work concept, has the courage to take responsibility, fully implements supervision responsibility, highlights epidemic prevention and control, emphasizes key rectification, and highlights capacity building. Food safety governance capabilities and governance levels have been effective As a result, the province’s food safety situation continues to be stable and stable, with no major food safety accidents and source, systemic, and regional risks.
  Wang Yue emphasized that while affirming the achievements, we must also be soberly aware that the current food safety situation is still severe and complicated. We must always adhere to the responsibility of ensuring the people’s “safety on the tip of the tongue”, and do not relax Supervision work. The first is to improve the position and grasp the new situation of food safety work; the second is to grasp the direction and understand the new requirements of food safety work; the third is to find the correct positioning, strengthen supervision and promote high-quality improvement.
  Wang Yue put forward six requirements for the province’s food safety supervision work in 2021. First, take risk management and control as the core and urge the implementation of the responsibilities of all parties. Consolidate the main responsibility of enterprises, grasp the responsibility of supervisory departments, and implement the overall responsibility of the local government for food safety. The second is to use precise policy implementation as a means to make practical measures to form a combined regulatory force. Third, take comprehensive governance as an opportunity to focus on solving outstanding problems. Continue to promote the construction of food safety and security projects, in-depth development of small food workshops to upgrade files, and effectively increase law enforcement. Fourth, it is driven by credit wisdom to effectively enhance the effectiveness of supervision. Make good use of the effective practices of”big data + grid + iron feet”, and use the”Jiangsu Cold Chain” traceability platform to promote food traceability supervision. Fifth, we will continue to improve the regulatory system based on a solid foundation. Strengthen system construction, support technical research and standard promotion in key areas, and strengthen team capacity building. Sixth, use propaganda and creation as the carrier to improve the pattern of co-governance and sharing. Leading and driving food producers and operators to strengthen self-discipline and integrity management, increase information disclosure, and promote the creation of food safety cities.
   Finally, Wang Yue emphasized the construction of party style and clean government. He pointed out that party members and cadres in the food safety supervision line should improve their political positions and fully understand that food safety work is a major political task. It is necessary to firmly establish the”four consciousnesses”, resolutely achieve the”two maintenances”, adhere to the party building with one hand and the business with the other. It is necessary to prevent food safety risks and perform duties with due diligence, as well as prevent the risks of integrity, and form a clean and upright attitude. Good atmosphere.
  At the meeting, the main persons in charge of the various departments of the provincial bureau of food safety supervision respectively deployed key tasks for 2021. Five units including Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Huai’an, and Taizhou made exchange speeches.
  The heads of relevant departments of the Provincial Bureau, all the comrades of the relevant departments of the Provincial Bureau of Food Supervision, the main heads of the Provincial Quality Inspection Institute and the Provincial Food and Drug Institute attended the meeting in the main venue, and the districts and municipal bureaus were in charge of the responsible persons and food supervision The person in charge of the relevant office attended the meeting at the branch venue.