Jiangsu Food Science and Technology Association organized to participate in the 2021 Working Conference of the Yangtze River Delta Food Industry Innovation Cooperation Alliance
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   On March 26, the 2021 working conference of the Yangtze River Delta Food Industry Innovation Cooperation Alliance was held in Nanjing Xiaozhuang College. More than 40 representatives from food, cold chain and packaging industry societies and associations from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces and cities attended the meeting. The relevant leaders of Bengbu City Government and Guzhen County Government in Anhui Province attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was chaired by Pan Yingjie, chairman of the alliance and former president of Shanghai Ocean University. Wang Zhouping, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Food Science and Technology Association, and Ye Hua, Deputy Secretary-General, attended the meeting on behalf of the Association.

At the meeting, Qin Linfang, vice president of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, and Wang Jianhua, chairman of the Jiangsu Cold Chain Society delivered speeches respectively. Du Zhongyong, the secretariat of the alliance and deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Food Society, summarized the alliance’s work in 2020 and arranged and deployed the work plan for 2021. Chen Changwei, secretary general of the Jiangsu Cold Chain Society, gave a detailed report on the progress of the China (Jiangsu) International Cold Chain Industry Expo which is being prepared. Liu Yu, general manager of Shanghai Red River Valley Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., introduced the”Ranbo” public welfare live broadcast activity of the Red Cross Society of China.

   After that, the participants exchanged speeches on the current alliance’s 2021 work plan and key tasks. Secretary-General Wang Zhouping affirmed the summary of the alliance’s work in 2020. He believes that the 2021 work plan is scientific and reasonable, with distinctive features and outstanding priorities. The Jiangsu Institute of Food Science and Technology must fully support the alliance’s work, and hopes to further play the role of the alliance with the help of fuel The broadcast platform successfully held the exhibition and continuously promoted the integrated development of the alliance and the food industry in the Yangtze River Delta.

Pan Yingjie, chairman of the    Alliance, made a concluding speech at the end. He analyzed the current new trends in the development of the food industry, clarified new ideas for development, and emphasized that the alliance should take advantage of the actual situation of China’s economic international and domestic double cycle, the strategic position of the Yangtze River Delta country, and the transformation of China’s food industry from high-speed to high-quality development. Establish the concept of talents determining development and scientific and technological innovation leading the development of the industry, continuously strengthen the organization of the alliance, give full play to the role of the secretariat, and use the webcast platform to effectively do the 2021 Shanghai Food Expo, Nanjing Cold Chain Expo, Yangtze River Delta Food Society Youth Forum and other key points Work to comprehensively promote the integrated and high-quality development of the food industry in the Yangtze River Delta.

After the    working meeting, at the invitation of the Guzhen County Government of Bengbu City, Anhui Province, the alliance members went to the Guzhen County Food Industrial Park for inspection and exchange.