Japan issued a notice on the revision of some provisions in the”Food Labelling Law”,”Health Promotion Law”, and”Japanese Agriculture and Forestry Standards and Other Related Laws”
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Food Partner Network News On March 29, 2021, the Consumer Agency of Japan issued an order on the Cabinet Office Order, Article 6 Item 3 of the Food Labeling Act, the labeling matters and compliance matters stipulated by the Ministry of Finance Order, etc. ”, “Allergens, Expiry Period, Whether Foods Need to Be Heated for Safe Ingestion, and Other Cabinet Ministerial Orders that have an Important Impact on Food Safety When Ingested”, “Based on Japan The Cabinet Office Order is a partial revision of the Cabinet Office Order concerning Hearings and Other Related Laws Related to Agriculture and Forestry Standards, and the Cabinet Office Order on Special Purpose Labeling Permits and Other Related Cabinet Office Orders Under the Health Promotion Act.
The purpose of this revision is to simplify administrative procedures and reduce the requirements for stamping in administrative documents, and does not involve changes in content.