Interpretation of the name and labeling regulations of Taiwan chocolate
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   On March 2, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare issued an amendment to the”Chocolate Name and Labeling Regulations”, which will take effect on January 1, 2022. has compared and interpreted the newly released”Chocolate Name and Labeling Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the revised regulations) with the current version of the”Chocolate Name and Labeling Regulations” for your reference.
  1. The chocolate content of”filled chocolate” must reach 25%
   The fourth point of the”Amendment Regulations” is to add a new labeling requirement for stuffed chocolate, which clearly specifies that the content of chocolate in stuffed chocolate products must be at least 25%, and the product name must be marked with”filling” or”processed” Or the same meaning.
   There is no labeling regulation for stuffed chocolate in the current version. The stuffed chocolates currently circulating in the Taiwan market are not covered by the”Chocolate Names and Labeling Regulations”. The company names products based on food safety and hygiene management. According to Article 7 of the Implementation Rules of the Law, the name of the food should be consistent with the nature of the food to avoid confusion when naming it.
   After the implementation of this regulation, it will help enterprises to standardize the naming of stuffed chocolates. At the same time, it will be more stringent. The chocolate content must reach 25%before they can be named stuffed chocolate. Less than 25%stuffed chocolate or processed chocolate may be Need to be named”** Candy”,”** Biscuit”, etc.
  2. The name of”Chocolate Spread, Chocolate Syrup” must be clearly marked
   The fifth point of the”Amendment Regulations” is to add”semi-solid or liquid chocolate” product labeling regulations to standardize the labeling of chocolate spreads and chocolate syrups, with a total cocoa solid content of at least 5%or cocoa butter At least 2%.
  If the products produced and sold by the enterprise are chocolates of this type, they need to use product name labels such as chocolate spread and chocolate syrup to facilitate consumers to distinguish the product types.
  3. The vegetable oil content in the chocolate must not exceed 5%of the total weight
   The”Amendment Regulations” deletes the labeling requirements for cocoa butter substitutes. Vegetable oil can be added to replace cocoa butter in the”Existing Regulations”. If the content does not exceed 5%of the total weight, the label”Add vegetable oil to cocoa butter” should be marked near the product name. If the weight is 5%, the word”Cocoa Butter Substitute” must be marked in front of the product name. The labeling regulations for cocoa butter substitutes for chocolate are deleted this time. The”Amendment Regulations” adds”other vegetable oils” to products that exceed 5%of the total weight of the product.”Chocolate” cannot be used as the product name. If the chocolate management standard is consistent), the product whose addition amount does not exceed 5%of the total weight of the product should be marked with”add vegetable oil” or its equivalent near the product name.
  Enterprises can name products with more than 5%of the total weight of vegetable oil added as”chocolate flavored candy” and other names.
  4. Clarify the penalties for not labeling chocolate products as required
   The seventh point of the”Amendment Regulations”, the new clause, the product name labeling does not comply with these regulations, and the facts, exaggerations or misunderstandings involved, shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Food Safety and Hygiene Management Law. The new version of”Chocolate Names and Labeling Regulations” will be implemented on January 1, 2022. Those who fail to label in accordance with the regulations in the future will be punished by 30,000 in violation of Article 22 and Article 25, Item 2 of the Food Safety and Hygiene Management Law. A fine of more than 3 million yuan; a fine of not less than 40,000 yuan and less than 4 million yuan in violation of Article 28 of the same law; packaging products shall be collected and corrected within a time limit in accordance with Article 52 of the same law.
   The”Amendment Regulations” clarified”filled chocolate” for the first time, and enterprises should pay attention to it and label it according to the regulations. In addition, new regulations on the labeling of”semi-solid or fluid chocolate” products have been added, and the corresponding index requirements have been clarified. Enterprises should self-check existing products and label them according to the regulations. Finally, companies should note that the”Amendment Regulations” deletes the labeling requirement of”Cocoa Butter Substitute Chocolate” and provides new labeling methods for corresponding products.
   The”Amendment Regulations” has undergone major changes this time. Enterprises should keep abreast of the changes in regulations and make adjustments accordingly to avoid non-compliance.

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