In 2020, the import volume of Russian king crab exceeds 14,000 tons, and the market performance after the holiday is still strong
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According to data from the Russian Far East Crab Fishing Association, on March 2 there were 53 crab fishing vessels in the Russian Far East, 9 of which were fishing (live) blue crabs, 12 were fishing for snow crabs, and 8 were fishing for golden crabs (5 Ships supply cooked products, 3 ships supply live crabs).

   At present, there are some problems in the logistics between northern China and Russia. Truck transportation and customs clearance time have been extended. Some ports are closed and product delivery has been delayed. Government officials of the two countries are negotiating to solve the problem.
  Russian Association statistics show that in 2020, Russian suppliers exported 14,478 tons of live king crabs and snow crabs to the Chinese market, an increase of about 15%over the previous year. China’s crab imports are still strong in 2021, and the weekly delivery volume after the Spring Festival is in the range of 200-400 tons.