IGC expects record global cereal production in 2021/22
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Foreign media news on March 25:On Thursday, the International Grain Council (IGC) headquartered in Rome released a report, predicting that the global cereal production in the year of 2021/22 will reach a record 2.287 billion tons, but due to increased consumption, increased supply Will be completely digested.

   IGC’s first forecast for 2021/22 shows that global grain supply and demand are in balance, and ending stocks are expected to be 609 million tons, the same as the previous year.
   IGC predicts that the global wheat production in 2021/22 will reach 790 million tons, which is higher than the previous year’s 774 million tons, due to the increase in wheat production including France and Argentina, of which the French wheat production will increase from 30.4 million tons in the previous year Increase to 37.3 million tons, and Argentine wheat production will also increase from 17.2 million tons in the previous year to 20.3 million tons.
  Russian wheat production is expected to drop to 76.9 million tons from 85.4 million tons in the previous year.
   As far as corn is concerned, the global corn production in the next year is expected to reach 1.193 billion tons, higher than the 1.139 billion tons in 2020/21, of which the U.S. output will increase from 360.3 million tons in the previous year to 384 million tons.