Huangshan City launched a special action to severely investigate and punish unlicensed food workshops
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   Huangshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau jointly issued a notice a few days ago to decide to carry out a special action to strictly investigate and deal with unlicensed food workshops . The notice clarified the work goal, namely, through guidance, assistance and rectification, to block the sales channels of unlicensed food workshops, to achieve standardized production of food workshops, to continue to register 100%in accordance with the law, and to promote the high-quality development of the food workshop industry.

  Four key tasks have been identified in this special action:One is to resolutely do a good job of registering. Relevant departments in various places will re-examine and sort out all small food workshops and processing households within their jurisdiction to ensure that all small workshops are included in the scope of supervision. The second is to resolutely implement the exit mechanism. Small food processing workshops and soy product processing workshops that have not yet obtained the registration certificate discovered during the special operation shall not be allowed to carry out food production and operation activities. Those who are still engaged in food production and processing without obtaining a registration certificate shall be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Article 85 of the”Anhui Province Food Safety Regulations”. Intensify the crackdown on undocumented productivity, resolutely ban”black dens” and”black workshops”, and all suspected crimes shall be transferred to the public security organs for handling. The third is to resolutely block sales channels. The district and county market supervision bureaus supervise the food production and operation units within their jurisdiction, strengthen the inspection of purchases and the management of requesting certificates and tickets, and it is strictly forbidden to use and sell products produced by small unlicensed workshops. Where a food production and business unit fails to perform its obligation to inspect its purchases, it shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Article 126 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. Local market supervision, culture and tourism, housing and urban-rural construction (urban management) departments have strengthened coordination and cooperation, and strengthened the investigation and punishment of unlicensed small workshop products such as tourist attractions and food vendors. When unlicensed small workshop product clues are found, timely report to the local supervisory department in writing to trace the source of production. The fourth is to implement territorial supervision responsibilities. Local market supervision bureaus urge grassroots market supervision offices to further strengthen contact and cooperation with township people’s governments and sub-district offices, implement the posts and responsibilities of the “four members” for food safety, and give full play to the role of the grid joint logistics linkage mechanism. In place.

   Starting from July 1, 2021, Huangshan City Market Supervision Bureau, Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau will jointly carry out supervision and inspections. The”black workshops” that produce and the food-producing business units of the”black workshops” will be publicly exposed and the inspections will be included in the annual food safety assessment.