Huaiyuan County Public Security Bureau uncovered multiple crimes against food safety in a row
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  Recently, the Huaiyuan County Public Security Bureau and the County Market Supervision Administration jointly launched a surprise attack on more than 20 fried foods, beauty and fitness products in the Chengguan area Sampling inspections revealed that many deep-fried noodles in the county and urban areas contained heavy metals exceeding the standard, and the weight-loss food in another slimming hall contained the prohibitive”sibutramine” ingredient that is harmful to human health.

   It was found that Liu, a resident of Liucheng Town, had received more information from Ji (another place) through without asking for any qualifications and inspection results. I bought weight loss capsules and weight loss candy at the second lowest price, and then sold them at a high price. It was identified that the weight loss capsules sold contained sibutramine, phenolphthalein and other ingredients, which were toxic and harmful foods.

   From the beginning of 2020 to the incident, 6 people including Yi, Wu, Sun and Li opened a number of noodle breakfast shops in the county’s urban area. In order to seek improper interests, a certain group of six people used”baking powder” in the process of making fried foods such as fried dough sticks and gluten buns, which caused the heavy metal content in fried foods to exceed the national standard several times, which was enough for consumers. Harm to health.

   At present, seven people including Liu and Yi have been criminally coerced by the County Public Security Bureau for allegedly producing and selling toxic and harmful food, and food that does not meet food safety. Measures, the case is under further investigation.