Huai’an Market Supervision Administration clarifies the focus of food production supervision in 2021
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  Recently, Huai’an Market Supervision Bureau issued the”Key Points of the City’s Food Production Safety Supervision Work in 2021″ to comprehensively deploy the city’s food production safety supervision work. The “Key Points” pointed out that in 2021, the city’s system must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, strictly implement the “four strictest” requirements, coordinate the advancement of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and food production safety supervision, and comprehensively investigate and eliminate Hidden safety hazards in the food production process, promote food safety source governance, lay a solid foundation for food production safety supervision, resolutely hold the bottom line of no major food safety accidents, and promote the city’s high-quality development of the food industry and food production supervision to a new level.

   One is to strictly implement supervisory responsibilities. Carry out daily supervision and inspections in an orderly manner, strengthen the supervision of imported cold chain foods, promote the application of the”Jiangsu Cold Chain” and”Huai Cold Chain” systems, fully implement the main responsibility for food safety and territorial supervision of imported cold chain food producers, and promote the”Jiangsu Cold Chain””Chain” traceability system”Four Necessities” and”Huai Cold Chain” reporting are fully implemented. Carry out comprehensive management of key issues, and strengthen the supervision of key foods such as dairy products, meat products, supplementary foods for infants and young children, honey, seasoned noodles, quick-frozen foods, beverages, condiments (soy sauce, vinegar, salt), and food additives. Continue to promote credit smart supervision, promote the application of the transparent qualified production section of the “transparent food safety” system, develop electronic information supervision functions for small food workshops, and explore the introduction of smart supervision systems such as smart monitoring and online early warning. Comprehensively investigate hidden dangers of security risks, implement closed-loop supervision and inspection management, and complete the”double random” inspection tasks on time.

   The second is to supervise and implement the main responsibility. Continue to carry out the”Implementation of Corporate Responsibility Annual Action”, and urge companies to focus on implementing food safety leadership responsibilities, management responsibilities, risk management and control responsibilities, inspection and testing responsibilities, and food safety input responsibilities. Guide food production enterprises to establish a food safety self-inspection management system, and the self-inspection rate and self-inspection report rate of food production enterprises in the city will reach 100%. Continue to do a good job in supervision and spot check and assessment. Food safety management personnel in food production enterprises have achieved 100%coverage and 100%pass rate in supervision and spot checks. The subject of supervision and sampling is expanded from the person in charge of food safety management to the main person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of quality and safety management, the person in charge of production management, and the person in charge of inspection management.

   The third is to carry out special rectification actions. Carry out food safety and quality improvement actions, focusing on the quality and safety improvement actions of dairy products and meat products, further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of dairy products and meat products, promote enterprises to improve food safety management capabilities, research and development capabilities, and urge production enterprises to implement their main responsibilities. Carrying out large-scale enterprise demonstration and leading actions, holding large-scale food production enterprises’ responsibility performance report and food safety public commitment exchange meeting, and inspecting and summarizing the implementation of public commitments by dairy products and large-scale meat products companies. Carry out the improvement and improvement project of small food workshops to achieve 100%of the daily supervision and inspection coverage of certified small workshops, 100%of the file establishment rate and registration rate, and more than 70%of random inspection coverage; actively promote the construction of small food workshops production parks or clusters , The city has cultivated no less than 26″famous, special and high-quality” food workshops.

  Fourth is to strengthen basic capacity building. Carry out the training of grassroots supervisors, strengthen the publicity and implementation of food production supervision laws and regulations and business training, and effectively improve the ability and level of the grassroots supervisors to find problems in on-site inspections. Improve emergency response capabilities, strengthen public opinion early warning and monitoring, promote major public opinion collection, analysis and judgment, rapid response and joint handling mechanisms, and enhance emergency response and on-site handling capabilities. Actively handle complaints and reports from the masses, media exposure of food safety issues, and respond to social concerns. Promote the co-governance and sharing of food safety, give full play to the role of industry associations, organize and carry out inspection personnel training and skill competition activities, and gradually solve the problems of insufficient factory inspection capabilities and lax control of small and medium-sized enterprises. Encourage and support universities and third-party professional institutions to carry out subject research, and promote the gradual formation of a pattern of”enterprises taking the lead, the government taking the overall responsibility, the supervisory departments performing their own responsibilities, and the joint supervision of all sectors of society” in the whole society.