Heilongjiang Institute of”Golden Trout Whole Female Triploid Seed Technology” has made important progress
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  Golden trout is an excellent species that integrates viewing, sport fishing, and food. It is favored by fishery producers and consumers. It has become the successor of the trout industry in my country. The second important species after rainbow trout. However, problems such as small breeding individuals of golden trout and death during sexual maturity are more prominent, and the market demand for fine varieties of golden trout and all-female triploid seed is increasing. The Salmon and Trout Breeding Technology Innovation Team of Heilongjiang Institute adopted the two-pronged approach of”selecting and breeding while producing seeds”, and carried out golden trout breed selection and triple breeding work, in order to improve the economic benefits of farmers and effectively control the core provenance. .
   In 2018, our team broke through the large-scale seed production technology of all female triploids of rainbow trout. Although golden trout is a mutant of rainbow trout, it is prepared for all female triploids. There are differences in technical parameters. After repeated experiments, the team made important progress in March 2021. The average triploid ploidy rate of golden trout was over 83%, and the seed production technology of golden trout was initially mastered. At present, there is no supply of golden trout full female triploid germplasm in the domestic and international salmon trout markets. This technological breakthrough will provide a new breeding target for the salmon trout industry in my country, and also provide a common technology for fish polyploidy species. Lay a solid foundation.