Hefei Feixi County Market Supervision Bureau raided offline stores of “online meals” to ensure the safety of takeaway food
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   In recent years, online take-out food has become popular for its advantages such as convenient ordering, delicious and inexpensive, and timely delivery. In order to ensure the safety of meals for consumers, recently, Feixi County, Hefei The Market Supervision Bureau Sanhe Market Supervised directly at the source and carried out food safety surprise inspections on offline physical stores of online restaurants in its jurisdiction.

   This surprise inspection strictly followed the principle of “online and offline consistency”, focusing on the top-selling online catering platforms such as Meituan and Ele.me, as well as milk tea shops, Fast food restaurants, snack bars and other catering service units with a large proportion of online take-out.

   Check food business qualifications. Strictly check whether the third-party online catering service platform reviews the relevant qualifications of online catering service operators, whether the online catering service operators have complete licenses, and whether offline physical stores are clearly certified and operated.

   Implement a food safety system. Business operators are required to implement the system of requesting certificates and invoices and purchase inspections, and strictly store and produce the purchased and processed food raw materials and semi-finished products in accordance with the requirements. During the inspection, those who fail to establish a purchase inspection account and a certificate requesting ticket system will be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law.

   Strict catering operation procedures. The catering operators are required to process and produce in strict accordance with the”Code of Practice for Food Safety in Catering Services”. The food processing process must be”three separations”, that is, separate raw and cooked foods, separate meat and vegetable foods, and separate clean areas from pollution areas. At the same time, semi-finished products such as quick-frozen prepared foods that have exceeded their shelf life and have not reached the specified storage temperature are strictly forbidden to use.

   As of now, the institute has dispatched 80 law enforcement officers to inspect more than 30 online catering service units, and found that 1 food purchase inspection record was incompletely filled. Law enforcement officers were on the spot Order to make corrections within a time limit. In the next step, the institute will increase the supervision and sampling of online catering providers, and conduct food safety inspections on the food raw materials used in online meals and quick-frozen prepared foods to ensure that consumers eat safely and eat at ease.